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Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by moises, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. moises

    moises New Member

    We are thinking of splurging and stay in 1 night at the Burj for the last night of our honeymoon. Should we get the Regular Suite or the Panoramic Suite? Is there really a difference? Worth the extra $$$?
    We will be staying at the Mina A'Salam for 3 night at the beginning of our trip then to the Maldives and back to Dubai for 1 last night at the Burj.
    Any recommendations for our days in Dubai? Desert safari, etc? Would we book the desert safari at the hotel once we arrive or do we need to prebook (Nov.)? Thanks!
  2. ruben

    ruben New Member

    Believe me the regular suite is more than big enough for 2. It's on 2 floors for a start and is as big sq ft wise as most flats or apartments.
    We were on the 10th floor and the view was fabulous - if you tell them it's for your honeymoon you may get an upgrade anyway but if not then you will get other gifts.
    For one night I wouldn't say it was worth the extra dollars because you get the same freebies - top dollar Hermes products etc. in each suite and the overall experience will still be the same.
    I stayed there for one night in November and did a full report called Latti's in the Burj - I'll bump it up for you to have a look at
  3. We stayed three nights at xmas in a standard and the views were amazing total glass windows looking out over two floors, the paramedic look out also over main land but get smaller the higher you get up where as all standard are the same size.
    Standard are fine and a mind-blowing experience.
    Wish I were there now.
  4. JustAnotherGirl

    JustAnotherGirl New Member

    If you are looking for an overnight stay in the desert, try Al Maha. I stayed there last year and each guest gets their own little "guest house" which is beautifully appointed, and each house also has its own pool. They have exquisite spa facilities and your choice of falconing, camel ride, and nature walk included in your stay. There are two types of guest houses, and I loved both. The ones located in the more vegitated areas have more privacy, and hundreds of little birds everywhere. The upper ones have a view overlooking the beautiful desert. I was there when the moon was full, and it was SPECTACULAR! Well worth it. And, the food and service was excellent. I'll never forget the white chocolate soup!
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