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Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by farren, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. farren

    farren Banned

    Hi all First post ,I would be interested in any views of my plan to start building one of housing in emerging markets.Help needed from people involved in this area.Is the market still there for this type of project? Is demand for housing still there?:)
  2. toot

    toot New Member

    Yes there is plenty of interest on the coast and at the ski resorts apparently Good Luck
  3. flatron

    flatron Member

    DOUBLE YOUR MONEY - invest in Bulgaria

    Many people who invested in Bulgaria property last year had doubled their money only from property value rise.
  4. Lysos

    Lysos New Member

    !!!!!!!. There is virtually no resale market in tourist areas in Bulgaria. It is obvious from the desperate posatings on this and other boards that 'investors' can't give their property away. "Doubled their money ?" . B-------s
  5. farren

    farren Banned

    one off

    I was looking to purchase small plots or to refurbish existing properties not necessarily in tourist areas.No apartment type property .houses only.:)
  6. toot

    toot New Member

    You are welcome to buy mine

    Hey Farren,You are most welcome to buy my job lot at a bargain price as we need to move on due to my husbands illness
  7. connection

    connection New Member

    Just back from Bulgaria developers having a hard time getting rid of property,though they are putting their prices up. Buying anything in Bulgaria is a risky business at the minute,corruption is still a big issue and you have to consider the lack of infrastructure.I would say there is no profit to be made in Bugaria at the minute and glowing reports are only given by deceitful property develpers
  8. farren

    farren Banned


    What area are you in,and what price are you looking for your property.
  9. toot

    toot New Member

    My 2 houses and one parcel of land are in the village of Malomirovo which is close to the town of Elhovo in the South of Bulgaria,half an hour from the Turkish border.One house is renovated and one is not.The price is around 45,000 Euros for it all.
  10. flatron

    flatron Member

    Why not Bulgaria...

    Yes, prices of country properties in villages near Varna is going down with 20% and price level mow is around 3500-5000e. If you like - welcome in Varna...:)
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