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Bulgaria real estate preview

Discussion in 'Bulgaria Property' started by tomergott, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. tomergott

    tomergott New Member

    Hi i would like to know how is the real estate market is now i am planning to go to Bulgaria next month.
    i am going to check Varna Bourgas and Rousse regions.
    I am looking for a cheap house which i will be able to renovate and to resell it
    does anyone knows where are the best ereas to do this ?
    I don't want to be 'stuck' with the renovated house in a place with out a demand
    Thanks ;)
  2. vthills

    vthills New Member

    You have to be very careful when investing in bulgaria, because it's full of frauds out there! I would recommend you Veliko Turnovo Hills - just type in Google "Official Veliko Turnovo Hills" I know from personal experience that they are okay and won't cheat you. Buying from them is actually buying from the builder with no commission and no middle man. Check it out you can't go wrong with them :cool:
  3. tomergott

    tomergott New Member

    Thank you very much, i have a good company that i'm working with they are fine, i checked about veliko tarnovo and i'm quite fimiliar with this place.
    However, this is a good place with a demand ? i would like to buy and renovate an old house and to resell it, is there a demand for residential houses this erea ?
  4. vthills

    vthills New Member

    yep, there is a demand I think, can't really say is it less or more but there is. I've seen many offers for cheap houses near veliko turnovo where I live now. Something like 3,000 euro. Pretty cheap I would say :)
  5. vthills

    vthills New Member

    by the way what's ur company? I've seen big differences in the prices for the same properties in the different companies.
  6. tomergott

    tomergott New Member

    land man Bulgaria and balkan dreams

    Thank you very much, do you think that the prices will go up and does veliko tarnovo has shops, bars, health care ,schools and working places near by ?
    can you tell me more about this village who live there and where do they work
    Does veliko tarnovo is developing ?
    Thank you very much for your help
    Tomer :)
  7. tomergott

    tomergott New Member

    hot spots in Veliko Tarnovo

    Do you know where are the best spots in Veliko Tarnovo ?
  8. blinkybill

    blinkybill New Member

    Hi Tomer,
    We were in Bulgaria last month, looking around (but only in the Bourgas region). We found a house there for EUR15,000. It's near the airport, the beach & the city, and has a good view. Not as cheap as 3,000, but we're satisfied. We like the prospects for the area - there are many people moving from Western Europe as well as Bulgarians from Sophia who keep a holiday home.
  9. deedee1

    deedee1 New Member

    :)Hi all,


    If its too good to be true it always is!!

    Ther are many posts regarding these people as they have traveled around europe conning thousands of people out of money and when it gets too hot for them and the law is onto them they have a habit of taking off ..and skipping the country and setting up in another!!!

    See ya D :)
  10. vthills

    vthills New Member

    Hi, Tomer! Veliko is a modern european town with 70 000 population. It has absolutely anything you need - from universities to sex shops. Actually it's a very old place-it's been a capital of Bulgaria in the middle ages and now is famous tourist destination. Now in the middle of the season it's normal to hear other languages rather than bulgarian while walkin on the streets. The good thing is that it's situated in the middle of the country. That way the black sea and the capital Sofia are only 250 km away. You are just 2-3 hours drive from the airport.
    So don't hesitate in ANY way about those things. You won't miss anything here that you have in your city.
  11. tomergott

    tomergott New Member

    best villages for renovation and resell

    Thnx, i need it for investment i'm not planning to live there just to renovate and to sell.

    That's why i need a village that has a demand for housing.
    Which are the best villages in Veliko erea ?
  12. Jain and Chris

    Jain and Chris Senior Member

    Hi Tomer

    Sorry not to have replied to you sooner.

    Veliko Turnovo is an area which is extremely popular with UK buyers and they are mostly looking for old houses to purchase. I know of several people who have already bought houses there and resold, so it is possible.

    The town itself has an old part and a new part. All facilities are available. To my mind it has a kind of "shabby chic" feel to it.

    There are town houses available in VT itself but they are in high demand and so a bit more expensive. Finding a town house with a garden is difficult. The closer any village is to town the more expensive the property is. Hot villages are Kapinovo, Mindia, Pschelishte, Ressen and Hotnitsa. Just to the west Gostilitsa and Kereka have a lovely location.

    Hope this is of help, if you need anything else, just say......

  13. tomergott

    tomergott New Member

    Attractive Villages

    Thank you very much for the information, do you invest in real estate ?
    What more can you tell me about the erea and real estates.
    About Quest Bulgaria i got the issue by mail and there is good articles there.
    Why those villages are so attractive ?
    Waiting forward for your information
    Thanx again and best regards
  14. deedee1

    deedee1 New Member

    :)Hi tomergott,

    VT- Is a very old and picturesque village it used to be Bulgarias capital city, many moons ago!

    The attraction is that VT is built around a huge castle with a river running straight through the middle of the town village!
    It has old traditional style building with old cobble streets etc!!

    So from this you can paint quite a nice pleasant, peaceful picture from this- Thats why I think it is a magnet for the brits!!

    See ya D :)
  15. tomergott

    tomergott New Member

    Thanks Deedee,

    Do you know in which villages brits already bought a property ?
    VT is a big place you know and lots of villages.
  16. Jain and Chris

    Jain and Chris Senior Member


    The villages I listed are popular as they have good access to VT itself, are the prettiest of the area and already have Brits who have bought there. All around VT you will find a large British population.

    There is a great story about VT no longer being the capital of Bulgaria. Apparently, many years ago, when it came time to vote on which city would be the new capital of Bulgaria, one of the guys who was allowed to vote fell asleep and Sofia won by one vote! Imagine how things might be now if he had been awake and voted for VT!

    We ourselves are not property investors in Bulgaria. We have a house of our own but that is it. We are independent publishers and so have no links with any agency, developer, lawyer, etc... and only provide impartial advice and information, which is researched from all sources.

    If you see a property which you think might be suitable and you know which village it is in, let me know and I'll research the village for you as best I can

    All the best
  17. tomergott

    tomergott New Member

    Thanks for the information

    Thank you very much, soon i will contact you for your support.
    Thanks ;)
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