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Buildings Delivered

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by ffhhkk, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. ffhhkk

    ffhhkk New Member

    France buildings are now, definetly being delivered!!
    I'm in Q5 and i'm hoping to get it towards the end of Jan.

    Please post your building number here if it has been delivered.

    As far as I know.. P5 and P3 have been delivered!

    Any more? Please post!
  2. panchal

    panchal New Member

    Building Deliveries

    Dear FFhhkk,

    I am in Q3 of France, please can you post any information if your hear anything regarding handover.

    Thanks Guys.
  3. ffhhkk

    ffhhkk New Member

    hey dude..

    i dunno abt q3 but naresh from MBC realty(where i bought my apartment) has been telling me that q5 is going to be given at either the end of the month or start of feb.

    do u know if ur building is the yellow one or the cream and grey one? i think the yellow ones will be delivered next month.. thats why i'm asking.. they've cleared up the stuff around the cream and grey buildings.. there was a site office on a roundabout which is being taken apart that shud be gone by today... and the trash in the parking lot behind my building was being loaded onto a truck this morning (i make a quick round on my way to work and when i come back to compare progress & diff.)
  4. dhanesh

    dhanesh New Member

    Heya ffhhkk, since you mentioned your quick round, could you be kind enough to post up on the scene around the P18 building if it is ready for handover etc ?
    Cheers !
  5. ffhhkk

    ffhhkk New Member

    dude.. all of Cluster P is ready.. who is your agent? my agent has like.. 6 or 7 buildings in france.. 3 or 4 of them have been delivered!
  6. panchal

    panchal New Member

    Hello Guys,

    Its me again Dude,

    I suspect that I may be in the Yellow Ones, as I have not had sight of the Buildings as I was told they do not let you in unless you have your agent with you.

    Further I have not had any new since I last spoke to my agent which was last October when he said the France has been delayed until year 2008.

    Have you any photos of the inside of a typical studio, and does the studio come with balcany???

    Please do keep me updated of any progress, any faults to the buildings ect.

    Many thanks
  7. dhanesh

    dhanesh New Member

    hey ffhhkk,
    I think the building owners name is deepak, vista aint giving out numbers of the owner either any clue who could be the owner ? Seems like the owner isnt going to collect the keys from nakheel yet .. what could be done apart from wait ? any other options ?
  8. ffhhkk

    ffhhkk New Member

    Hey man...

    Whoever told u that u can't go and check ur building out was a really straight forward guy man!! U pay the guard downstairs 20 or 30 dirhams and he'll let u have a look as long as his supervisor isn't around to get him in trouble.

    Studios come with and without balconies! It depends on what you have bought! All the studios are pretty generic and i've seen pictures of studio apartments up on this forum, so try and haf a look thru those.

    therez an interesting site called dubizzle... check it out (i'd leave the adderss but supposedly i can't post a URL until i've posted 20 msgs!! just google dubizzle and its the first site in the results..) if you go there, therez a buncha studio apartments (with and without balcony) that are up for rent. It shud give u a rough idea of how much rent u can yield, plus therez pictures.

    I recently learned an interesting tid bit abt the buildings. It turns out.. that if you apt. ends with an even number.. it faces the outer side of the building.. i.e. if ur apartment number is 312 the view from your apartment's window would be a community view. However, if you have an odd numbered apartment i.e. 313.. your apartment faces the parking lot behind the building.

    Panchal.. i read your other thread. LOL.. don't worry man your building does exist.. i managed to find a picture on the internet of the cluster plan of france which you can haf a look at.

    Your building IS indeed the yellow one. I've driven past it quite a couple of times. I think they're doing snagging work on ur building because ALL the lights in ALL the apartments of your building are on!! the building looks very nice because near the entrance of the building they've put these yellow lights in that look really nice at night!!! Hope thats some consolation dude... don't worry.. i think ur building shud get delivered in feb. :)

    Hope my infos helped...check out the attachment to see the cluster plan plan. I used this when i was buying my apartment.
    The cluster letter is on the roundabout and the buildings surrounding it have a number.. soooo... its pretty straight forward... kinda self-explanatory!

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  9. ffhhkk

    ffhhkk New Member

    Hey Dhanesh.. check out the cluster map i loaded of the france cluster.

    From what i've been seeing the past couple of days, they've just cleared up the rubbish from behind ur building. There was a lot of broken wood, plastic, etc etc (two truck loads, in fact) that they had piled up to clear and now its gone. Your cluster actually has the street lights on too now so u shud be getting it any day now.

    If I were you, i'd keep calling the agent non-stop until they get sick of u and tell u whats actually going on!! i know it doesn't sound professional and stuff.. but i'm afraid thats how u get things done...!!! ask them to tell u what is EXACTLY going on. Where is the handover process at. Is nakheel processing the documentation to handover the building? Have the documents been submitted, etc. etc. U're not gonna get anywhere unless u stay on ur agent's butt!!! keep bothering them (God knows thats what i'm doing!). I'm doing the same thing because i haf to leave my apartment in the 1st week of feb. If i don't get my apartment by then... i'm homeless!! lol!! can't afford to get totally screwed like that!

    Hope that helps :) keep the questions comin if you got 'em....

    Oh and i can't take pictures coz i don't haf a digital camera anymore.. :( i broke the one i had so i've been cameraless for a while otherwise i'd show u guys a picture of ur respective buildings!
  10. panchal

    panchal New Member

    wow ffhhkk,
    You are some gizzer you have just less'nd the burden I have been carrying for months. Many many thanks for the information posted and well received
    and cant thank you enough. Once I get my Studio we should have a Party!!!!.

    Well done.
  11. ffhhkk

    ffhhkk New Member

    Just for panchal!! building Q3!!!

    partys on till the break o' dawn!! lets get our apartments first tho!!

    the picture is blurry. As i mentioned i don't haf a proper camera.. this pic was taken with my phone... in my dirty car... when i was late for work! lol newaiz.. its just to give u a rough idea of what it looks like.. i suggest downloading it and then rotating it using windows picture and fax viewer...

    the white boards that are up in front of the building are the Site Offices for the contracters that are building france.. and the empty area you see on the right with sand wasn't that empty 2 days ago. there was a shed there which they've torn down and moved away. Therez still more stuff there like leftover tiles, some rubbish, stop signs, bricks, etc. etc. but they're moving it slowly..

    keep prayin that these get done quickly folks... cheers!

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  12. panchal

    panchal New Member


    Hello Bud,

    I read some time ago that "Nikheel" if they fail to deliver completed building by Dec2007, then they have to pay compensation for the delay.

    Have you heard/read anywhere its fact or just hear say???

  13. ffhhkk

    ffhhkk New Member

    hey dude,

    nakheels owned by the government. they can do nearly anything they want and get away with it! The contract "mentions" that the "develepor can choose to extend the delivery date by december 2007" but therez no clause that sez they're liable for expenses incurred by the owner after december or compensation that you're entitled too...
  14. SneezyMelon

    SneezyMelon New Member

    @ ffhhkk... correct me if i'm mistaken...but i believe the picture that you have added is of a building from the english/spanish cluster...because in the french cluster all the buildings are yellow and white with either navy blue or dark green roof...or maybe i need to pay more attention on what the building looks like :p

    @ panchal... forgive me for acting like a n00b (new member...and also i didn't bother reading your earlier posts) but are you a unit owner or a building owner? if you are the latter, i would highly recommend that you get your building checked to see if anything is wrong and prepare an entire "SNAG LIST" and give it to the concerned person at "Owners Assiociation" at Nakheel Asset Management...

    and according to what i've heard...half of the buildings in the french cluster and half of the greek cluster has been handed over...we got our handover almost a week and a half back...
  15. ffhhkk

    ffhhkk New Member

    Helloo sneezymelon!!

    Lol.. it is actually a french building!! The Spanish buildings are also yellow.. (half of the cluster is yellow and red... and the other half is cream and grey...). Therez a slight difference in the design of the french buildings. The arches and stuff that around the windows is red brick. Whereas in the spanish building its something else! The railing for the balconies is also different!. Hope that helps!

    what building number and what cluster are you in? what did you get the handover for sneezy!?
  16. SneezyMelon

    SneezyMelon New Member

    ^^ well the handed over of the building was done almost 2 weeks building is p12 in the french cluster...
  17. panchal

    panchal New Member



    Frustration is now building up and getting very angry.

    I had booked my Holiday for week in Easter thinking I will have the Keys and get the Building furnished.

    It looks as if Nakheel is not going hand over any more keys in the next week or two and it would be wasted time and money to come to Dubai.

    Are NAKHEEL so unprofessional that they are letting the whole of Dubai city down?
    Everybody is complaining around the world as they cannot be trusted?

    I was recently told that Nakheel cannot trust anymore on the grounds that they have already failed to deliver in all of its projects and it getting worse.

    They have oversold FRANCE units and they are not sure who the true owners are?
    And these should be a worry for all who are still waiting for France delivery.

    ITMASTER New Member

    I heard today not good Idea to invest money you can't give to rent after you will have flat ready and it's to far from Dubai main city and 30% is only rented another 70% is free and nobody is this reality or they cheated me?
  19. sadia tahir

    sadia tahir New Member

    please do not be dishearted I am just back from Dubai,I went for handover of my apartment in France cluster.
    people are desperate for cheaper accomodation I have had no problem in renting my appartment.
    yes it is a bit away from the main city but due to the extreme traffic chaos people prefer to stay a bit away from the traffic.

    ITMASTER New Member

    ok I see ...need to think lot..before do something this is big money..even if you need to pay montly bank rate..
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