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Building Materials City Wanted

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by jennie1, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. jennie1

    jennie1 New Member

    Hi I am after a 1 bedroom in BMC.

    Please PM me if you have one at a good premium.
  2. soabu

    soabu New Member

    Jennie1, I have several good resales on offer in BMC which I could forward your way. Drop me an email at so at arady dot ae and we can discuss further.
  3. sameer.dada

    sameer.dada New Member


    Hi, please email me re-sale offers for BMC as well. Thanks.

    sameer (dot) dada (at) gmail
  4. cheemz

    cheemz New Member

    Would like to see the BMC listings as well.
    does this mean manazel has finished calling everyone from cityscape AD?
    I badgered them everyday for the next 2 months after the exhibition and they kept claiming they havent contacted anyone yet... i got my name down on 4 lists and was there an hour before the exhibition even started, so i was sure i'd get a unit........
  5. jennie1

    jennie1 New Member

    still looking for a one bedroom BMS

    j dot morris at impactbbdo dot ae

  6. cheemz

    cheemz New Member

    Have a contact for full commercial floors in BMC.
    Size 10,000 Sq.Ft
    OP: 1300 per sq.ft
    SP: 1700 per sq.ft

    It was offered to me, but I found the price too expensive for Musaffah...
    If anyone is interested I can get you in touch...
  7. bu6bu6

    bu6bu6 New Member

    1-bedroom unit in BMC

    I have a 700 sq.ft, 1-bedroom unit in BMC for 1,385,000 AED.

    call me on +971506151645
  8. nader

    nader New Member

    are u still inrested??

    I am having one with a very good premium,,,
    if you are still interested or having a serious buyer ,please e-mail me,,,

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