Budget to cut business rates - too little too late?



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The high street is dead - companies such as Amazon will always be able to undercut them simply because of their lack of base costs and the race to the bottom amongst Amazon sellers. The UK government is supposed to be looking at the best use for closed high street shops and ways to convert into residential property. The best use in my opinion.


At some point I think we will move full circle and shoppers will want more shops to visit - but in the immediate future online selling will be King. As a consequence there will be more pain in the high street before this trend bottoms out. Switching high street shops to residential use might help but is it really viable?


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High streets are dead - they have been dying for years (even before the online revolution) since people started to use out of town shopping centres. Once old shops have been converted to residential there is quite literally no going back. Tricky situation.


Talk of an Amazon tax for online retailers is too little too late. Anyway, why should online businesses pay more (than the taxes they already do) just so we can have inefficient high street businesses? If it does not pay for itself it wont work. All governments around the world encouraged ecommerce and now it is taking over.