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Hi all, need some help on this before I proceed..

As the title suggests, I'm considering getting a BTL via Ltd Co. with the intention of letting it to family - who would claim housing benefit. The family already lives in a council flat and benefits from getting housing benefit. The council flat is not fit for them anymore and I thought instead of council placing them in accommodation (which would be an AST and at risk of being temporary) I can provide a more stable home with no intention of eviction.

Is there anything I need to consider, legally or financially, or is this simply another BTL via LTD Co.? I appreciate the risk of non payment and any risk of arguments arising from working with family.

thanks heaps!..
Nicholas Wallwork

Nicholas Wallwork

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Hi Jay,

Welcome to Property Forum firstly!

I really respect the ethics behind your model and what you're trying to do here. To answer your questions simply: it is just another purchase and you'd give them an AST. The AST protects both parties to some extent but if your intentions are never to evict (unless serious arrears or problems e.t.c.) then the family will benifit right? It just sounds like whichever family you're working with has fonud a great landlord!

You will always want to protect yourselft whatever your intentions as you don't know what the future can hold, so still having an AST is highly recommended!

As far as buying in a Ltd Co goes I'd strongly recommend you take some specialist advice here (if you haven't already) as it's highly depending on your personal curcumstances, how many properties you own and what you intend to do with them now and in the future that matters. Simply speaking if it's a long term hold then a Ltd Co is often a good idea but I wouldn't want to give that blanket general advice without hearing more about your own circumstances of course. If you wanted more detailed advice from my own 20 year experiecne and circa £30m held portfolio than I'm also available for mentoring if you think I could help you in more detail! Check out the info here:

Please let us know how you get on by reply either way and if you have any more questions on here?

Thanks and good luck!