BTL off plan from developer - Empire Property Concepts



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Hi all,

I'm new to the forum and pretty much new to investment (I own one rental property that I bought some time ago).

I have been looking to invest between £50-100k in property and came across a investment company called Montague Cromwell who sell 'off-plan' investments for a developer called Empire Property Concepts. I'm just trying to do my own due diligence before committing to anything but was wondering if anyone on here has dealt with either of these companies before?

There seem to be other investment consultant companies that work with Empire such as Thirlmere Deacon and Solomon Investment partners.

They offer assured rents for upto 10 years back through the developer and an associated property management company called Danum House Management.

Upon doing some companies house searches I saw a couple names that popped up between a few of the same companies and there is not an extensive history of reviews (trust pilot etc) that would suggest these companies have been operating for any substantial amount of time.

If anyone has any experience with these companies or know of any concerns around the type of scheme I'd appreciate any advice.

Thanks in advance.