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bric investments

Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by dhoskings, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. dhoskings

    dhoskings New Member

    Since the last thread about BRIC got deleted by the admin I thought I would start a new thread and post this private message i got from Simon Eaton a user on this property forum.

    This is it although it just confirms what i said before:

    bric investment are part of a large organisation.

    They aquired the coral lake and beach resort.

    the project is licensed and commissions do not go as high as 20% unless agents revoke the commission for any future earnings on villa construction. This ammounts to 3%, lower than any other developer in the region.

    the company are very real, and the lawyers they use are also very real.

    im sure this answers your questions.

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  2. DGM42

    DGM42 New Member

    why did the last thread get deleted?
  3. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    I didn't read all the posts as I've been in meetings most of the morning however from what I saw from the email notifications there were quite a few derrogatory references to certain real estate agencies which could cause legal problems for the forums. It's ok for people to give their personal experiences but to refer to the reputation (unsavoury or not) of a company without giving particulars isn't advisable.

    But I'll try and find out why
  4. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    There are a couple of issues as to why posts can get edited or even deleted, but I believe that if the opinions aren't presented impartially, the owners of the forum can be considered to have an obligation to edit or remove such threads to avoid getting into a legal battle with the person who thinks they are being libelled. Even if it is not the board moderators or administrators presenting their views, they can in some cases still be considered responsible for the content of the forums.

    In this case, in the very first post, Dave made an unfortunate comparison when referring to a developer by name. When the first post is removed, the whole thread gets deleted.

    Normally I'd personally edit each post and simply replace the offensive words with something more acceptable so that the discussion can continue however it's been a mad day at the office here and I've only been skipping through them - I've only now just had time to sit down with enough time to read the forums properly. When I can't get to the issues fast enough, of course the administrator takes over.

    We protect the freedom of speech as long as things are kept clean and we can keep everyone (including ourselves) out of trouble. If there is proof that someone is acting incorrectly then we have an obligation to share that information, however we need to do it without malice and be careful to stick to the facts.

    Hope that was clear and sorry for any mix-up. I'm going to head back to the real estate fair here in Natal now, so please play nice until I can get back to my pc later on in the afternoon ;)

    The main thing to remember is that while you can't get in trouble for saying anything you want - we can, so in the best interests of keeping the forums active, popular and running well, we all need to tone down our potentially offensive comments enough for them to be acceptable to the persons in question.

    We have a lot more readers than posters - and many developers watch these boards as well to know what investors are thinking. If a post gets reported to a moderator we need to take action.

    As it happens, with the exact same developer in question, there was a situation a couple of months back on these boards where a rival developer was making random posts trying to destroy their image as they had a development going on (almost) the adjacent plot. A lot of the rumours were unsubstantiated and ultimately the second developer was banned from using the forums.

    As on an anonymous forum we can't be 100% who is and who isn't acting with their own interests at heart - we have to stick to what can be proven.
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