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Brennan Property Investment: Our Latest Properties in Western New York

Discussion in 'North America - Real Estate For Sale in North Amer' started by Investy, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    America is awash with millions of foreclosures - indeed you can book foreclosure tours in most cities, so I wonder about capital growth going forward as there is just so much property and land to go around.

    Some areas and streets have an ever increasing number of boarded up homes so that yesterdays home purchase becomes worth less as the area degenerates.

    I cant comment on Brennan at all, but due dilligence should involve investors getting over there and doing masses of research.
    There are plenty of people who bought into the property dream here in the UK that are now facing Bankcruptcy, the middlemen have long since dissapeared, and tenants failed to have the depth of pocket that was promised.
  2. nocholas

    nocholas New Member

    I am looking to invest in Northern USA as I understand rental yields are high, however I have done a lot of work looking for finance on these properties and have come to a dead end
    50%LTV's 15% interest,nobody interested in anything under $100K makes the benefits of this area diminish rapidly unless you are paying cash and then 40% of the yield becomes taxable and defeats the object

    Can anybody recommend a broker/bank/finance house who will lend 75-80% at sub 10% on properties valued at C.$50000
  3. RebelYell

    RebelYell New Member

    Hi nocholas,
    I have purchased property this year in the US without having to deal with banks and sky-high rates. The area I've bought into is also very stable economically with a growing jobs market and rising population. By purchasing via an owner-finance arrangment you still get to use leverage, which is an essential tool for an investor, without having to put in 25%+ deposit & mortgage costs. I get deals that are cashflow positive and equity built in every week. PM me if you'd like more info.

  4. Sunnyshores

    Sunnyshores New Member

    Hi RebelYell
    I'd be interested to know what "an owner-finance arrangment" is.

    PS I've been searching for finance and cant find any deals at any price for properties below $70k
  5. RebelYell

    RebelYell New Member

    I've sent you a PM on what approaches are available.

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