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Brazilian Lifestyle

Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by jamphi24, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. jamphi24

    jamphi24 New Member

    Brazilian lifestyle thread
  2. jeduardo

    jeduardo New Member

    There may be another reason why locals are not interested in living in Ponta Negra. It' not the skyscrapers but the open-air bars at Rua da Salsa and the cars with their megawatt sound systems that has turned the Vila de Ponta Negra into a living hell. The norm is to turn down the volume when the police arrive and then turn it back up after they leave. Sound has been measured at 74db whereas the nighttime limit is 50db. That is why Salsa Bar was shut down by the Justice system. So, while patrons of Rua da Salsa go home to their quiet condo after a night out, local residents pay the price. I took a midnight spin by Rua da Salsa late last year and again about a month ago and witnessed first hand the chaos.
  3. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    That could be part of it - but I live in Ponta Negra and never hear any noise - it's a rather large place. More likely it's the fact that prices are the same or in some cases even higher than even Tirol and Petropolis.
  4. Blc

    Blc New Member

    You guys must be getting old its the night life district of P.N what do you expect? With out the night life in that street you would not get the thousands of tourist /guys who visit each year then there would be no one to rent the condos in PN. PN is what it is and its fine by me in fact its great i will be there on saturday for my holidays 1 week Sahrs hotel and cant wait to visit the noisy bars..
  5. Sao P

    Sao P New Member

    From what this GUY describes, Ponto Negra sound like a place for under-sexed gringo GUYS just traveling to thier rocks off . Great Promo for tourism ! I have also read a few "portugues language blogs" in Brasil, saying the same thing. Great prospects I see for the future property market. If thats the sort of tourist you are, well then great !

    Now I see why in another thread it says the Brasilians feel they have lost thier identity in this place. Eventually, the low class un-educated gringo tourists will continue to just ruin everything. Look at the bad marks they have already made around the world.
  6. jamphi24

    jamphi24 New Member

    No offence guys but is it necessary to argue as to the area of Ponta Negra in this thread? I am trying to sell an apartment there not ask about the area. If you wish to argue about it please start another thread. I like it, I am not a sex tourist and have been going there for 7 years that is why I bought there.
  7. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    Before I butt out of the thread I'd just like to say that they have changed the whole atmosphere of Salsa street and Ponta Negra in general - prostitution is still legal in Brasil and will probably never change but Ponta Negra has been cleaned up a lot and has a much better atmosphere - compared to two years ago it's a whole different environment!
  8. Dotty

    Dotty Banned

    That's probably because there are fewer tourists to keep them active .However, my friend said she cannot go there alone with friends as men assume she's on the game.Of course she isn't and certainly doesn't look like she is and neither dresses like one .I guess women cannot win!!QUOTE=JMBroad;98924]Before I butt out of the thread I'd just like to say that they have changed the whole atmosphere of Salsa street and Ponta Negra in general - prostitution is still legal in Brasil and will probably never change but Ponta Negra has been cleaned up a lot and has a much better atmosphere - compared to two years ago it's a whole different environment![/QUOTE]
  9. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member


    Well, a young lady came up to me recently while I was sitting in one of the bars in Ponta Negra and started chatting to the chap I was with. She suddenly turned to me and exclaimed "do I look like a prostitute" with indignation in her voice.

    My shoulders raised instinctively, an involuntary "erm" voiced itself as I hesitated for a split second and thought about the question - what "do" prostitutes look like? The hesitation wasn't taken very well as she huffed and stormed off with her friend. I will now resort to feigning instant surprise and a resolute "of course not!!!" whenever asked that question - just in case...

    My friend then explained that she is a psychology student and definately not "on the game". Casual dress in Brazil is generally very revealing, almost everyone has some sort of "body art" - be it tatoos or piercings and people stare at each other for no other reason than appreciating their looks.

    So - how do you tell (apart from if they ask for cash up front) - some are blatantly obviously on the game and others are blatantly obviously not, but there is a massive grey area in between.
  10. Blc

    Blc New Member

    80% of guys in that street are there for one thing to meet girls the rest are there for a drink and to enjoy them selves. This does not make Natal a bad place and does not mean you cant enjoy the place with your family. If you have ever been to Pueto Banus in Marbella same thing thousands of guys go there each winter to play golf and later enjoy the port take that away and they could go else where. This does not mean you can not go to Marbella with your wife or girlfreind. Natal is a great place some go to enjoy the beaches some go to enjoy the beaches and the nightlife. The point here is that you can not complain about noise in a area full of bars and nightclubs..... One last point got to Rio and you will be shocked if you think this is bad 1.000.000 worse but full of tourist and real estate pricec high.. This is Brazil welcome enjoy or find somewhere else to go instaed of moaning..

    Oh forgot on a plane last week from Italy to Fortaleza, all guys on the plane only 7 women i counted... tourist figures up 16% last year in Fortaleza.... Enjoy
  11. Sao P

    Sao P New Member

    Well you just reconfirmed my understanding of that place. The rumor is true. I went to the region before, but could never go back, at least not the places where all the gringos are.
    I would not like to be associated and stereotyped with that lot. Down here in many parts of the south of Brasil, thank god I am not exposed to any of that. Different world here.

    As you mentioned all men charter flights, where was it that I heard Brasilian authorities actually sent back entire charter flights, becuase they were considered all sex tourists ?
  12. Blc

    Blc New Member

    That was one flight last year just for the press flights arrive all year full of guys thats life. The south is diifrent Florianolis these guys would never pick up a girl there diffrent mantality here in the north 50% of women are hookers the other 50% are easy. Fortaleza/Salvador/Natal/Recife has its seedy side but dont let this put you off.its only a small part of the city.
  13. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    Haha I don't know but I could imagine how much fun that would be, handling all those people sueing the Brazilian government... I think that's probably an "urban legend"...

    There are plenty of places in Natal - even on the infamous "Salsa Street" where you can go. In fact most of the gringos are restricted to only a couple of bars on that street now whereas the bars and restaurants have expanded along several other side streets - some of the old bars have turned into parking lots - overall the areas with bars and/or restaurants is much larger than two years ago, with the actual "marketplace" being a lot less visible than before.

    Or perhaps it's because now I know where to go and where to avoid...
  14. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    There actually was a flight which was sent back? Has anyone got a link to any news coverage of this? I can't imagine that the government weren't sued to high heaven.
  15. robh

    robh Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I heard about it, but only on this forum....
  16. Blc

    Blc New Member

    This was 2 or 3 years ago now at the time the police were cracking dowm on this both in Natal and Fortaleza big news at the time... I remeber at the time Natal was quiet because of the crack down.... only lasted 2 months.. Both Fortaleza and Natal have changed alot over the last few years this has to be said.
  17. timatthebeach

    timatthebeach New Member

    a friend down here in south told me it was a plane to natal full of russians that got sent back. no idea if its true or not but he was adamant - or should that be prince charming :) (sorry)
  18. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    Perhaps it was a private jet with 12 people on board or something?
  19. Blc

    Blc New Member

    It was a plane full of Italians at the time the police closed some bars also Isla Fantasia was 1 put the owner in Jail and the bar was nodiffrent from Azucar at the time they racking down making a statement. Anyway this is history now and things have changed sine then....
  20. imwilldu

    imwilldu New Member

    hi Jm or anyone

    im still clumsily learning my way around the site, JM you seem to be helpfull.

    Can anyone help me find a ATTY for an investor visa, that know in the comunity?
    Also, I read that its possible to open a bank account in Brasil, thats limited in nature, but Ive been to 4 banks, including HSBC, and they will not even accept a deposit?.

    Any advice? or where to go on this website? thanks for your help and patience with a "newbie"
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