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Brazil- Property Solicitors/law Firms!!

Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by deedee1, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. olicombet

    olicombet New Member

    thanks deedee
    i will
    do you know in which thread?
  2. wolfgang

    wolfgang New Member

    Dee dee,
    Olis query is a different issue altogether.My understanding is that provided the payment is REGISTERED with the central bank in Brazil,it does not necessarily have to be physically paid in there (for ease of repatriation of funds).Your solicitor should deal with this as part of their fee.
  3. olicombet

    olicombet New Member

    wolfang do you mean it is legal to pay in europe in euros and easy to get the money back at a later stage if i intend to re-sell and rapatriate the cash? in that case can i sell in euros in europe? i will also double check with local lawyers
    thanks for your support
  4. deedee1

    deedee1 New Member

    :) :) Hi all,

    Some info on money transfers is either in " GRAND NATAL GOLF- LAST DAY AT PRE-RELEASE PRICES" or its in " BRAZIL OWNERS" one!

    Briefly: it has been explained that the money goes to GS in spain in eiros then the developers transfer the money from their to brazil bank in reals if I remeber rightly??

    See ya D :)
  5. olicombet

    olicombet New Member

    thanks D!
    so in that case i understand it is a legal way to buy in euros in europe
    the only concern is afterwards for re-sale
    but i believe there is always a way!
    have a nice day:)
  6. MarceloRuiz

    MarceloRuiz New Member

    Hi, sorry for the delay.

    Olicombet - That money transfer process is recommedend to avoid future problems when you sell the property and need to transfer funds out of Brazil. One specific risk is you have to pay additional fees and tax. It is possible to pay abroad and re-sell abroad too but you will need to deal with a complex structure of Off-Shore and Holding companies. Please, check with your lawyer.

    Wolfgand - The record is necessary when the money enter itself into the country.

    Deedee - Yes, that is a kind of complex structure.

    ALL - It is wise to appoint a lawyer who will carry out all necessary checks on the property or land in Brazil and fulfill the legal requirements of the sale.
  7. olicombet

    olicombet New Member

    thanks for the information
  8. wolfgang

    wolfgang New Member

    Update lawyers Brazil.

    Hi All,
    For those that have yet to engage a solicitor another option has emerged-a company called Law office in Brazil.
    A colleague of mine has used them previously and was very complimentary.Whilst i have not used them personally, i know that a number of people on this forum have made contact with Jose Santiago (who was the guy my colleage used) and initial feedback has been very favourable both in terms of quick response and a very competitive price.Apparently there are significant savings to be made over Manzanares.Too late for me personally as i have already committed myself but hopefully this info will be useful to all those still looking.:)
  9. robh

    robh Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I understand you will be fine if you are sending the money directly to the developer as they will tell the Brazilian gov. that they have received the money so title can be handed over.

    If the developer is in Brazil then payment must go there.
  10. shm

    shm New Member

    Hi Marcelo,

    Thanks for the info. I have just received a contract for some beachfront property I am buying in Canoa Quebrada. I wanted to check what is customary to include in the contract. There is no map of the property or even description of its size (just reference to plot number). This does not strike me as normal. Your thoughts?
  11. shm

    shm New Member

    Law Office in Brazil

    Thanks Wolgang. Do you have a website as a search in google results in various combinations of the title "Law office in Brazil." I believe it is this one: law office but wanted to be sure.

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  12. marsdei

    marsdei New Member

    Yes thats the correct website, I am using him too!
  13. Dear Forum Participants;

    Our company excels in providing foreigners the best legal and international brokerage service. Consequently, we are able to assist you in secure and solid international transactions in Brazil.

    As a tri-lingual attorney with international education and experience, I have become a specialist in the following areas: Real Estate, Contracts, Immigration, Business Law and Taxation. Furthermore we provide services for clients, who wish to acquire the Brazilian Tax Id Card, open a company, acquire the investment visa, property management, and make money transfers in and out of Brazil.

    With main offices located in Sao Paulo and Miami, our local office is listed in the American and British Embassies and Consulates in Brazil.

    Exclusively, since we are certified by First American Title Insurance, we are able to issue title insurance policies for every property purchased in Brazil. We also offer exclusive escrow account services in the US for our clients.

    Should you be interested in more information, please feel free to contact me.

    Jose C. Santiago
    Licensed & Certified Title Attorney - Brazil
    License Number OAB/SP 181.471
    Paralegal & Licensed Real Estate Agent - USA
    License Number SL3064343
    -Avenida Paulista, 777, 15 Floor
    Sao Paulo, SP, 01311-100, Brazil
    -16139 Biscayne Boulevard
    Miami, FL, 33160, USA
    -(55-11)9348-5729- São Paulo, Brazil
    -(305) 940-6611 - Miami, USA
    -(55-11)3323-1998- São Paulo, Brazil
    -(305) 940-6615 - Miami, USA
  14. David Belk

    David Belk New Member

    lawyer foir our clients.

    We recommend an excellent legal firm based in Brazil with extensive knowledge of Brazilian real estate. We have negotiated an excellent deal for our clients with this company. Of course, purchasers can use a lawyer of their choice but we strongly recommend that they ensure they have an excellent understanding of Brazilian Real Estate.
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  15. natti

    natti New Member

    looking for a good lawyer or company for company formation in the north east can anyone help??
  16. Hi Natti, what city exactly you are looking for a lawyer? What are your legal needs? I may be able to refer you to a few.
  17. Navi

    Navi New Member

    It is important also to take care about taxes.
    Usually, Brazilian real estate attorneys have no idea about international tax planning and investment vehicles. It is advisable to hire reputable law firms if you plan to make a material investment in Brazil. There are some international law firms that have affiliated firms in Brazil. Very responsive and that understand cross boarder investments. They are usually located in Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro. Just check cross boarder real estate investments in Brazil in google or any other search machine at the web.
  18. michaelbush

    michaelbush New Member

    There are also many "international" law firms, like I have seen quoted on this forum, who trade on their name, but have to subcontract the actual work to another brasilian lawyer, and therefore the client gets the international fees for a local lawyer service!
  19. MarikaAR

    MarikaAR New Member


    Any feedback on Manzanares's service?
  20. debzor

    debzor New Member

    Hi Natti

    Did exactly that this year - whereabouts are you looking for assistance from?
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