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Brazil: Pictures To Share With Us!!!

Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by deedee1, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. Propvantage

    Propvantage New Member

    Brazil officially named as 2014 hosts

    October 30 2007 at 06:42PM

    Zurich - Brazil were officially named by Fifa president Sepp Blatter as hosts of the 2014 World Cup on Tuesday.

    The five-time world champions were the only candidates in the race to host the event.

    After a final presentation to Fifa executives with Brazil president Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in attendance their bid was rubber-stamped by international football's governing body Fifa's executive committee.

    Brazil have staged the World Cup once before, in 1950 when they lost the final 2-1 to Uruguay. - Sapa-AFP
  2. robh

    robh Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I was there during the last world cup in 2006 and that was great fun and it wasn't even hosted there!
  3. PeixeGato

    PeixeGato New Member

    So who is planning to be in their beach condo to attend the 2014 FIFA World Cup? Then again, you could make SO much money renting it out. Hmmmmm, maybe I'll have to buy two!

  4. Propvantage

    Propvantage New Member

    does anyone know where the stadium venues will be? anything in Natal?
  5. michaelbush

    michaelbush New Member

    I am told there should be something in Natal- dont know if it will be at the Machadão or at the ABC ground. Maybe they have time to build another stadium! People I spoke to seemed quite excited that Natal should benefit too. I was also here in 2006 for world cup- was on a trip to Ponta do Mel and back. Stopped off at a bar to see the England game (lunchtime here) and watched them lose, had to take all the ribbing, and then later stopped again to watch the Brasil game and all was quiet when they lost! I did not rub salt in the wound. The next day there was not a Brasil shirt to be seen anywhere in Natal!!
  6. praiapipa

    praiapipa New Member

    there are 18 candidate cities in Brazil; 10 will be selected by officials which means Natal might be out; if I am correct the Natal team will go down from division 1 to 2 next year, which might be a drawback for the city
    we will know soon!
  7. medseA


    Brazil is an all time buying favorite classic :)
  8. wig123

    wig123 New Member

    Hi all, registered on this site today, I am interested to hear from anyone who has property or invested around the Saquarema area of Rio. I am considering property purchase in this area. Looks fantastic and prices appear good. I have property in UK, and Portugal and am looking to spend European winter months in Brazil. Would appreciate advise.

  9. Dotty

    Dotty Banned


    What you write is so true and realistic .Especially the occupancy thing.Keep being honest and frank you know just how it really is.
  10. robh

    robh Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    A match made in heaven....
  11. KDJX

    KDJX New Member

    Same person I reckon !!!!
  12. Dotty

    Dotty Banned

    Way off again!
  13. The Great Gatsby

    The Great Gatsby New Member

    Have you checked out Touros Beach Village? I have many fine floorplans and it is only 22% build density
  14. ExperienceInt.Dale

    ExperienceInt.Dale New Member

    Hi All,

    Anyone been to Praia Da Pipa the area is beautiful. Any pictures ?
  15. Dotty

    Dotty Banned

    Hi Dale,

    The man who sells in Pipa is Rob along with others.Check out Pipa Talk - because we're living in changing times it's full of photos and agents.Hope this is of some help.
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