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David howe

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Have you bought in Romania in the last year? More and more clients are coming to us every day stating they have bought from such and such an agent (From UK or Ireland) and they do not know what is happening. Others are complaining that the agent they have purchased from will not respond to e-mails or supply necessary information requested. Additionally others are getting leters in relation to delay with laudible excuses that are not morally or contractually acceptable.

We appreciate your investment is a long way from home and it can be difficult for you to monitor from afar. However, as Romania remains the best European property location we would stress to all purchasers to be in control of their destiny so as to maximise investnment and your standings.

If anyone is having difficulties or not satisfied with the service or manner they are being treated please do not hesitate us for a professional managed service solution.

You have bought into the best European property Investment location so maximise your investment be it financially or contractually.

David Howe LLB. LLM
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