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Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by BTL-GURU, Jun 19, 2007.


    BTL-GURU New Member

    I am an Independent Financial Adviser specialising in the Lending for Investors buying property below market value (BMV).

    I have access to many open and closed Bridging Finance products and a substantial panel of Mortgage Lenders that will allow the immediate remortgage of this Bridging Finance so the borrowing can be based on the open market value rather than the purchase price.

    I have access to 90% loan to value buy to let remortgages, 100% rental income assessments and products that have no rental income assessments at all.

    This of course can be used for properties bought at auction as well as properties purchased under market value by offering a quick sale.

    In addition to this I have specialist refurbishment products that allow borrowing on investment properties that are not in a ‘lettable’ condition.

    I like to think I have every angle covered in Buy to Let Lending so please feel free to fire any questions you have my way and I'll do my best to answer them as quickly as possible.


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  2. Anthony

    Anthony New Member

    What countries are you able to arrange finance for?

    SPC Overseas
  3. niche

    niche New Member

    Problems mortgaging BMV

    Wow I've really got myself in a mess. My brother almost lost his house about 6 months ago and I stupidly got it out of repossession on the understanding he sold the house and paid me back. he put it on the market and eventually got a sale. It fell at the last hurdle . I was worried I would never get my money back. He dropped it 20k and I decided to buy off him.

    He wanted me to do it on an open bridge because he had a new business set up and had to access funds. The house needed lots of renovatiing I asked him if I could start work asap as the mortgage and bridge had been passed in principle. I had already gutted it out - it was 60's and nothing had been touched for over 40 years!

    We were due to complete this friday but it all fell apart on the valuation. Now my brother thinks I've demolished the house (it was a smelly wreck) and couldn't understand that it needed money spent to draw in 1k pm on a rental.

    Now he's calmed down I'm going to try and find a solution. Even someone looking for BMV p l e a s e s o s ! ! or maybe you could do some clever financing and help me find a way to move things on.

    Thanks alot all suggestions considered, including voluntary euphenasia ... lol Thanks
  4. AndyM

    AndyM New Member

    Hi Niche

    I am an IFA and may be able to help. Please call me on 01884 840118 so we can discuss further

  5. BMV Help

    Are you still looking for help?

    Financial Freedom Gurus
  6. nicholasuk

    nicholasuk New Member

    hi do you have contact details as i have alot of work on my books

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