Bluemoon Animal Center



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On the back desert road between El Gouna and Hurghada, just behind Moubarak 7 and not far from Oasis Resort is the Bluemoon Animal Center. It was set up by Monique and her husband Saleh to take care of the street and desert animals. She takes the adult desert dogs and castrates them and vaccinates them for rabies and then releases them back into the desert where they find plenty of food.

The young and abandoned animals she finds new homes for in Egypt and in Europe but not the UK because of the quarantine laws. She is always looking for people who can accompany the animals on the flights to Europe and also with the return empty carriers. She has a 30kg free weight allowance with Air Berlin to bring in donations from Europe. She is always looking for towels and blankets and pillows for the animals. Also old bread that has been dried for a week in the sun just leave by her door.

Monday is surgery day with a volunteer vet. She also offers pet boarding while owners are on holiday and charges LE25 per day. It really is a wonderful place and all the desert cats and dogs that were there waiting to be transported to their new homes were absolutely adorable and their pens were spacious with toys and shelter and braches to climb.

Here is a public link to my photos I took:

Her website is Blue Moon Animalcenter


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There are some caring fab people in the world. There is something similar in Sharm. Soooo many street dogs and cats its such a shame. Also the donkey / horse centre in Luxor along with the orphanage do a fab job. Some have websites with wish lists. Wouldnt hurt to take a few bits and pieces over as they really do appreciate them.