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Discussion in 'Romania property' started by saharasarahs, Mar 6, 2009.

  1. saharasarahs

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    Has anyone else who has bought into the Blue phase in Greenfields received an email from the developer today along with photos. They claim to have sold 25 appartments and reserved 10 in Greenfields in February! This claim seems to run contrary to the info from the estate agents who say that no one is buying at the moment.Im confused, anyone have any thoughts?
  2. vgsriram

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    Freen field Blue

    Yes we have 3 properties and we did recee the same letter from the developer.
    We try to sell those appartments but agents find it difficult to sell. My question is the development over priced?
  3. vgsriram

    vgsriram New Member

    Hi Saharasahars

    We can share the information as both of us are in the same boat. Please provide your mail address.
  4. vgsriram

    vgsriram New Member

    Any one has any idea on what is happening in Romania? Are the prices falling?
  5. saharasarahs

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    Hi sorry for delay in reply, im not allowd to post my email as im not a full member yet, but it is the same as my username at hotmail dot com

    Regards Sarah
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