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Hi all

I wasn't sure where to post my concerns and thought if anywhere, this forum can help me with my situation. Apologies if it is not the correct thread.....

I am an investor in the blue gardens development in beroun, CZ. Under UK based Mark Tomlinson who owns Trojans estate agents

my troubles started some months back whereby I contacted their main branch to get an update (uk enfield) on the project and was told that Trojans are no longer located there any more. Which was some surprise to me that there was no communications by the developer that they were moving.

I have tried emailing all the old associates and all of whom have disappeared and nobody including Mark Tomlinson ever responds.

Mark is nowhere to be contacted and I am very worried about my monies which I was promised were held in an escrow account or that I have lost my money altogether. I have also noticed that the website for Blue Gardens has dissapeared.

I have tried to contact Mark through another website:

However, nobody ever answers the phone and all associates listed, never seem to be contactable or answer their phones/emails either. Given this situation, im becoming very worried :(

I was wondering if there are any fellow investors that can help locate the account holding escrow bank in order to obtain my monies back? Or at the very least provide me with a contact for Mark Tomlinson who has all but disappeared or better still if anybody can provide an update?

Please help - very worried


Joe O'Driscoll

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Hi Tony,

Please feel free to contact me on [email protected]. I only found out back end of last year that I had been scammed by Mark on the Blue Gardens development.

They had even taken me to the phase 1 apartments walked me around "my flat", sat me in a bank setting up my mortgage, the whole 9 yards. I only realised last year that something was a miss when I phoned for an update on phase 2 and like yourself could not contact anyone. Through a contact I have in prague that knows Trojans he sent me land registry forms to show that I was not the owner of the flat I had walked around.

Email me and I will provide you with everything I know. As for Mark naturally would like to get hold of him for some answers but seems that is proving fruitless.