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Best villa to invest in Now?

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by dubister, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. dubister

    dubister New Member

    Hi All,

    I am fairly new to the forum. There is a lot of good information, but cannot find anything on good villa investments in Dubai now.

    Although the prices have sky rocketed, I still believe with all the exciting things coming to Dubai in the next five to ten years, villas are good mid/long term investments. Please correct me if I am wrong and give your views.

    I have been looking seriously in the last couple of weeks into villa developments. I have been looking at the following:

    - Which one would you recommend is the best in your opinion to buy as re-sale?
    - Which one should be in this list that I have missed?
    - My target is to stay in the 1k-1.5k/sq ft max, anything I missed?

    1. Arabian Ranches ALMA
    2. Al Furjan
    3. Badrah Townhouses
    4. Emaar Esmaran
    5. JVS Mirabella
    6. The Villa
    7. UAQ Marina Emaar
  2. nabeelc

    nabeelc New Member

    best would be Emaar Asmaran. Project just launched. It will only go higher as more awareness spreads. Great quality product in an excellent project.

    Visit Flaming CGI 2007 to get a better sense of the project.

    SMIQBALH New Member

    Arabian Ranches - Al Reem 1 and Al Reem 3 are similar to Alma, and ready properties. Also an excellent buy right now (Cheaper then Alma). We have only observed the prices going up and Ranches is and will be in the centre of the huge playground in Dubai (next to Global Village, Dubai Land, theme parks, Falcon City opposite Barari (the most expensive on-shore villas, Legends, etc.)
    Your list of villa development is good, however location for Arabain Ranches and prices now are unbeatable.
  4. Datum1m

    Datum1m New Member


    I think Arabian Ranches is a good investment and once the new junction is finished it will become much more accessible with shorter drive times. Another investment to add to your list is Victory Heights Dubai Sports City, I think this development once complete will cater for most young families sporting needs and will host a number of top class sporting events.


  5. dubister

    dubister New Member

    I agree Victory Heights is an awesome development. I saw some of the houses they have up on show... they are nice and cost plus. What I mean by cost plus is that I can justify their price in the market, comparing internationally.

    I have come across resales of Mirabella Villas. They seem to be a good bang for the buck, and quite underprices for thier size. The location is good too... Can anyone advise?
  6. Datum1m

    Datum1m New Member


    I feel all Dubai properties need to be compared against what you would have to pay internationally for the same product; it is this comparison which is driving the market forward and giving comfort to all investors. If you can’t afford to buy Sea or Golf, which I consider to be the best too options, then look for a developer that is offering a theme/concept which will appeal to a large customer base once complete. I would also consider blue collar worker Apartments such as Remraam, because there seems to be a shortage of affordable housing for the staff which will work in Dubailand once complete.


  7. EM Concepts

    EM Concepts New Member

    Hi - UAQ Marina at 750 AED per square foot and the villas are built has got to be near the top. Identical villas to Arabian Ranches....
  8. rasha1312

    rasha1312 New Member

    hi Dubaister,
    I would suggest the villas in JVT for reasons:
    1. the developers are Nakheel .
    2.handing over end of this year and me myself went to the construction site and alot of villas already finished , which will make the prices very high.
    3. the area is big for example for 2 bedrooms villa around 2,800 sq.ft.
    4.the price now afordable. around 1,800,000 aed for one bedroom town house 1,900 sqft
    and aroud 3,000,000 for 2 bedrooms villas.
    5. the location is great and JVT acommunity of villas only not like JVC diffrent developments towers.....
    6.gated community.
    7. if u need more details call me 050 544 3471 RASHA
    rasha.mashni at gmail dot com
  9. Sportsman

    Sportsman New Member

    I'd agree and put my vote in for the Victory Heights complex in DSC. The villas will be ready starting early next year and pricing will start to rise in a few months with the first handover. Very nice plan in a private golf course setting with great location in Dubai.
  10. Wannaberich

    Wannaberich New Member

    Arabian Ranches.The best residential development in Dubai and right in the heart of Dubailand next to Sports City.
  11. Datum1m

    Datum1m New Member

    Hi All,
    I think a good place to buy right now is JVS, it is in a good location just across the Emirates Road from Dubai Sports City and there is an underpass linking the two developments. I have bought Townhouses there and I feel it will be a good place to live with plenty of Restaurants and Shops.
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