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Best Property Agent in Dubai

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by euroinvest, May 20, 2008.

  1. euroinvest

    euroinvest New Member

    Seems like one of the major problems is in selecting the 'right' agency to deal with in Dubai. So far I have shortlisted the following agencies whom I would rate above 8/10 for buying purposes, although I still have to complete my transactions through them:


    What are the experiences of other members of this forum?
  2. alexie62

    alexie62 New Member

    Deal with Us!

    We are Commercial Brokers who render continuous Quality Service to our clients where our only mode of business is referrals and you are welcome to reference us via our global list of international and local investors. We will present the best investment and fit it to your requirement and once this is done we follow through right down to reminders of your due payments according to your payment plan. Personally I have received many letters of appreciation for this service as I own multiple companies, I am an IT Engineer/Service Management Consultant by profession and have been here for many years where we have stingent Service Management Policies for binding for our staff, where we pride ourselves for our achievements which is only a direct result of our quality deliverables too date. So feel free to email me at [email protected] thanks
  3. euroinvest

    euroinvest New Member

    Thanks Alexie, but this thread is not for agencies to market themselves but for buyers and sellers to rate the agencies that they have dealt with.
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