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Hai All.....
I am new in this forum....It's interesting to see so much interesting & good post in this....As i see from the post's most of the people r actually looking for a good place to invest across the world.....

Keeping this in mind i hav an exellent place to suggest to u all.....the place said to be the " GOD'S OWN COUNTRY " - COCHIN - KERALA.

Though people hav heard about the this place , very few actually know the potential of this place....... The growth at which Cochin is growing is phenominal....The return on investment has touched to 300 % to 400 % within an year....

Recently Cochin has recieved one of the best development project a country can recieve - "THE DUBAI SMART CITY"....

I am sure most of u know how Dubai was 10 yeras back....the Dubai which we see now is 100 times more developed than one which was 10 years before....

The same team which has created the new Dubai is heading the development process in Cochin.....

It would be great if u all can share your thoughts on this....

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When will people realise that Global warming is going to throttle these far off exotics. With increasing carbon taxes coming on luxury flights, which is the fastest growing carbon emission sector, it cannot be long before these long haul destinations are starved of visitors.

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Limited knowledge (needed to do quick Google search to confirm it was where I thought.) Cochin, Kerala, is South West India on the coast.

Currency is the Indian Rupee, circa 80 to £1.

One or two properties I looked at 2 to 3 years ago were cheaper (but not by too much) on a sqm basis than Goa. I prefered Goa on basis that one or two holiday agents (including Direct Holidays) couldn't get enough beds over the winter period in Goa.

Would welcome detail on why Cochin could make a good investment.
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