Best place to advertise villa for rent?

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by christopher, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. christopher

    christopher New Member

    Does anyone have any experience with the many websites that offer advertising space for villas? I'm new to renting out our villa in Javea. I'm looking at holiday lettings and choosespain but there are so many....can anyone recommend a good one based on number of hits it gets or bookings received??

    Thank you.
  2. aquila

    aquila New Member

    Yes - there are a few - try vrbo they are very popular - ranked 3,385 most popular site - very big with US property but cover the world and get load of hits.

    Best of Luck
  3. andy - a2zspain

    andy - a2zspain New Member

  4. paul-steve

    paul-steve New Member

  5. John

    John New Member

    Personally I would consider setting up a small website myself to advertise the villa for rent. Using tools such as Google adwords etc it would be very easy to get your page up and seen by potential renters within a few hours. If you decide to take this route and need any help (free of charge) feel free to hit me up.
  6. orlandorealtor

    orlandorealtor New Member

    Depending on the local market you can really get shuffled in the mix with many of the rental by owner sites. I would go with a premium package if your property is located in a highly competitive area.
  7. dubaistud1

    dubaistud1 New Member

    Good Site

    I think the best site would be dubai apartments dot biz (one word) as i have couple of my properties listed with them.
  8. hsc-online

    hsc-online New Member

    I think better invest money for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) rather than advertising space. It will help you lot long term.
  9. bobbygrant

    bobbygrant New Member


    I'd recommend Villarenters :- besides the advertising and bookings they provide; you get a full booking engine which takes credit cards that you can use for all your bookings no matter the source...they also provide a website builder that you can use independently to advertise your own bookings under your own URL.
  10. xHKx

    xHKx New Member

    classifieds news will help
  11. apacheman

    apacheman New Member

    Definetly seek4home . com. Had no idea who they were and gave it a try. Turns out they're new so they avidly social bookmark/advertise all the new properties. Got me a sale, prob a lucky one, but whatever.
  12. AkbukHolidays

    AkbukHolidays New Member

    villarenters is a good site, the bookings management side is excellent.
    if you are going to add your property to villarenters and your property is in Turkey, you might want to check out
    they offer free 12 month advertising on their site if you sign up to villarenters via their site
  13. clarenash

    clarenash New Member

    It depends who your market is are you looking to rent to. Which nationality are you thinking will be your prime market. Once you have decided what you are doing then you will have a better understanding of how to market your villa.
  14. AkbukHolidays

    AkbukHolidays New Member

    That's a good point, Homelidays is a good site if your property is in France for example, I know many owners with French cottages who list on that site and do fairly well from it.
  15. advoco

    advoco New Member

    I used to rent out a villa in Spain and my two favorites were villarenters (commission based) and ownersdirect (annual fee). The latter was good for getting UK renters.
  16. zazuip

    zazuip New Member

    I would go along with Advoco's advice from my research and I would add holiday-rentals and holidaylettings to the list. Seems worth paying the extra for premium listings having spoken to other owners
  17. keely capel

    keely capel New Member

    Try this new site

    Hi Guys,

    There's a new site that's just launched. Works a bit different to the normal marketing sites but great for selling off any spare availabilty you have.

    They don't charge for listing, just collect a fee on the final price. Its in an auction format but they have safeguards in place like reserve pricing and also a buynow price option. Well worth checking out if your property is just sat empty and you run the risk of making no revenue at all for that time period. The company's called bidabooking but I can't add the link as I am still classified as a new member. google them and they come up

    Hope this helps!
  18. advoco

    advoco New Member

    Another option for renters

    I had a look at keely's bid site because I was intrigued by the idea of a bookings site where you can auction off spare weeks. Sounds like a good idea and the website looks good:

    Bid a Booking: auction rental properties

    It looks like a serious proposition and a well put together site but as with all auction platforms you need a critical mass of buyers and sellers which they may not yet have. I clicked on "All Properties" and only 8 are listed.

    I will add it to my guide as another option where you don't have to pay an annual fee (like villarenters) when someone replies to this thread saying they've used it successfully. I've linked again to my little guide which is non-commercial - I've only got one property I let out - but which is gratifyingly no1 on Google for the term "rent Spanish property online"

    10 ways to get more Spanish property rentals online

  19. keely capel

    keely capel New Member

    advoco, Thank you for reviewing the site. :)

    I wanted to give you a little more insight ino what is currently being done to ensure we get the right balance of buyer's v owners.

    Working in partnership with a property management company we will be mailing out to all past clients who have rented to notify them of the site, this is scheduled to happen in the next week, we are also working hard on improving our ranking on search engines such as google and yahoo to ensure we come up on related searchs, this takes a little while but already we are seeing some success.

    In addition we are planning to do a brand advertising campaign targeted at the UK in the coming months.

    I completely agree with your comments, and we are working hard to ensure we get that balance right.

    I hope you will re-visit the site in the coming months to see how we are doing.
  20. Nichole Optician

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