Best Beaches?? Dream Beach Hurgada?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I have recently put this on the Desert Pearl Forum and as the response has been really appreciated i thought everyone else would be happy with the info.

    "For those concerned with a cold pool the sea is far warmer!!"

    To let you all know, the daytime temperature remains very hot (Im still sunbathing) and the sea still remains also hot (Im still having my daily swim). However please note the nightime air is alot cooler so for all you coming over some jumpers and light jackets is my recommendation.

    As a request regarding information on beaches.

    Option 1: Dream Beach:-

    The new membership price for a private YEARLY membership is now set at only 2000 LE which entitles only the person named as the card holder to enter (I am sure owners would be able to get away with other people using it from time to time though dont hold me to that). Family cards are also available.

    Normal daily entrance is 30 LE per adult person, with card this works out to a whopping discounted price of only 5.5 LE per adult person. Kids between 12 and 16 pay only half and younger ones are for free.

    For the likes of apartments in a rental programme as such , then they are now also in talks about doing a BUISNESS membership card for rental companies which would entitle anyone to use it. The price of this is yet to be confirmed though has been promised to be of similar as above.

    LOCATION - It is a brief 20 minute walk from DP1/DP2 and CORAL or a 4 minute or a Taxi ride at a cost of no more than 6 LE.

    It is opposite BULLS RESTUARANT (and almost adjacent to the MARRIOTT HOTEL).

    Believe me its far better for clients who are on vacation to go to a very nice beach with all sunbed & towel included. Which also has the benefits of a bar / restaurant / watersports (jetski like boat hire, waterskiing, bannana boat rides, small electric fun boats for kids with water cannons and more) / entertainment with animation staff / chillout atmosphere / spa /fitness /sport tv /free wifi / childrens activities / security enclosed / organised trips and diving excursions and most of all fantastic friendly staff who dont take the p+ss please excuse my language.

    Option 2.

    Public beach where the only plus point is its free and with no added extras against paying 30 LE or even ONLY 5.5 LE if you have the membership card.

    Option 3.

    Old Vic which is another entry fee to the beach similar cost to Dream Beach but without the added ammenties.

    Just as a note.

    Dream Beach is currently just finishing an extension plan and has now an extended sunbathing marina (twice as long) and also a second beach (4 times as big as the other one).

    Included in their plans they now have night parties and entertainment ideas planned for this coming year which with the membership will also entitle you to free access.

    They are having a NEW YEAR party with FREE sea food buffett, 2 Djs and live music all going on from the 31st through the night.

    Entrance is just 300 LE and you can even bring in your own champagne or bottles of spirits as to keep your costs down.

    Another thing i tried was that I just went to PARADISE ISLAND the other day on a freebie boat trip as a test to reccomend a tour organising company who operate from Dream Beach and i have to truly reccommend it.

    Boat Leaves 9am
    Visit to PARADISE ISLAND for 1 hour
    Then snorkeling in one location in incredibly clear waters!!!!
    Then lunch
    Then second snorkeling in another location also clear waters!!!!
    Return to shore at 4pm

    Everything included (transfers,equipment,food and drinks)

    I have photos for those interested.

    And finally for ALL who have difficulty in getting the TAXI drivers to find anywhere in Hurghada then please use my guidline as below.

    The best thing to do seriously is to use visual landmarks as to the likes of the BOWLING center for clients on Desert Pearl as a reference when dealing with the taxi drivers as no one will know Dp1 as yet and the drivers don’t navigate by street names either only by longstanding landmarks.

    The Bowling center is just 2 minutes walk from Dp1 and is adjacent to Coral and there is only ONE bowling center in all of Hurghada so no mix up is possible. Failing that, Sinbad water park is also a landmark reference.

    I hope all has been useful and if anything more is required then my contact is below.

    This info is supplied because i can truly reccommend these things as i use them almost daily and i think great things should be shared by all.

    PS The memberships will be soon limited as not to overpopulate the beach. Approx 300 guests can be accomodated.


  2. wellheld

    wellheld New Member

    Hi, boat trip sounds great, I love boat trips, but HOW MUCH?????? and where to book would be appreciated, don't just tease and tell us how good it was eh? share the info. Awaiting your swift response so I can go and enjoy. Thanks, Helen.
  3. White Dolphin tour organisers

    Hi Helen,

    I used the guys at WHITE DOLPHIN,

    they do GIFTON Island Boat Trips, Glass Bottom Boat Trips, Quad & Jeep Safaris and of course diving,

    Just tell the guys you are a friend of mine and they will look after you.

    Call ZIZOU (002) 0121991060

  4. wellheld

    wellheld New Member

    Many thanks. Will try them out. H
  5. rossantony

    rossantony New Member

    sharm el naga

    the best beach in the whole region by a million miles.

    45k south of Hurghada

    no property, one lot of diving shacks..and a pool

    and the best snorkelling I have ever done in my life.

    you pay a 100LE to get in - that includes snorkel, fins and mask.

    take a picnic!
  6. Georgina

    Georgina New Member

    It is also the nearest place to Hurghada for shore diving and drops down to 60 meters.
  7. afahmd

    afahmd New Member

    second stay in Egypt in Sharm

    This is our second stay in Egypt in Sharm last year we stayed in St George Three Corners and thought that that was a great Hotel. Considering St George has such a high rating on Trip Advisor I was very surprised what we found at Dreams Beach. We travelled as a family of four Myself, Wife and 2 Children aged 10 & 6. The hotel isn't a 5star in british standards but i would say 4star. The reviews that say about the food being bad had made me very weary but we were definately not dissapointed, yes towards the end of the fortnight the food seemed repetative but have found this the case in most all inclusive hotels we have stayed in we always found something to eat that we enjoyed . I Paid £711 for the hotel for two weeks which worked out around £12.50 per person per day. The hotel was immaculate rooms nice and big bathrooms need updating but not that bad. We always found sun loungers at Main Pool. Staff were quite friendly but this is such a big hotel that it is very busy there. The beer seemed watered down and the spirits were not very nice but were drinkable. The children were not very impressed with the kids Club as the girl there didn't seem to want to be there and just sat them in front of the TV. The entertainment wasn't very good but found this the same as we had last year. This seems the norm in Egypt .Although i have put some negatives in here the good things about this hotel made up for the things that were lacking and would reccomend this hotel. There was alot of activities during the day the normal things table tennis, archery etc. A great hotel for relaxing maybe not too good for children who need a good kids club to keep them occupied. The hotel is ideally situated between Old Sharm and Naama Bay.

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