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Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by vonvonvon, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. vonvonvon

    vonvonvon New Member

    Hi There,

    Just looking for any info anybody may have on the Bermuda Views development in Sports City. I have a one bed apartment with one more payment to go.
    The last announcement from Profile's Shirley Mathews , is that it is an ongoing project and will be finished Jan 2011.

    Has anyone actually seen the building with their own eyes?

    many thanks:
  2. Hessie

    Hessie New Member

    I am afraid to say that my experience with Profile has been horrendous - terrible lack of communication, an inability to respond to basic questions and in the rare event of a response to a query an inability to address the questions raised - all laced with a very patronising attitiude. Fundamentally I no longer trust them - what a sad state to be in. Sorry I cannot provide anything at all uplifting.
  3. vonvonvon

    vonvonvon New Member

    Hi Hessie,

    Thank you for contributing to this thread.
    Look on the bright side (assuming you have bought into Bermuda Views), noone has said anything negative about Bermuda Views.

    Are there any other BV people out there at all?

    Nothing good has been said about Profile however!

  4. jasonkate

    jasonkate New Member

    Hi all,
    Would like to say something positive about Bermuda views...sorry
    I invested in a 1 bedroom and put down 30%.
    I cant seem to get hold of anyone by phone or email.
    I'm thinking of phoning the Dubai bak to find out if the funds are still there....very much doubt it.
    Speaking to the agent i went through on a continuous basis but he cant get through either.
  5. cazfoster72

    cazfoster72 New Member

    It makes me feel better to have seen your post, as I have a studio in Bermuda views and have paid everything, but just seen a post from another customer regarding another build and he says Profile have gone into liquidation, so am now panicking.
    I have tried to contact someone but cant get hold of anyone, who is Shirley Mathews, because I find noone wants to answer emails with Profile. Would also really like to know, last update I got was November and that was to say how much per sq foot my property was worth, (very different story now I would imagine)
  6. vonvonvon

    vonvonvon New Member

    Hi all,

    I emailed Shirley Mathew on the 22 April asking for update on bermuda Views.
    To my surprise I got an email from her about an hour later saying that the " The Developer" ( whoever she means by that) website was not updated but that letters would be sent out by the first week in May! Surprise again - no letter yet!

    Now, according to the RERA Website, ( ie Real Estate Regulatory Authority Dubai ) the developer is HMA Exec Ltd. website (cannot access this website if it exists). but the fact that it has Profile as part of the name is worrying because like you, I have read the Stadium Point page there and it looks like Profile is very dodgy indeed.
    Also on the RERA website they give updates on building of the various developments and of course there is none for Bermuda Views. However, it is mentioned and Stadium Point is not.

    Long and short of it is that unless someone sees the hole in the ground that our apartment block probably is - we cannot know what is going on.

  7. cazfoster72

    cazfoster72 New Member

    I have seen the whole in the ground so that is something. They have sent out photos of the foundations all complete ect, if you give me your email address I will forward to you (although if you go on profiles web site it is on there also).
    I spoke to someone today in Dubai (after having tried a few numbers) and she said our project has been put on hold for a few months due to current climate, and that also the developer HMA, is getting back to them beginning of may, she asked me to hold for a couple of days and that is the reason they have not spoken to anyone because they had nothing to tell us. She assured me our project is going ahead, and I brought up the subject I tried googling HMA and nothing, she said they have employed Profile to do all the work hence we cnt get hold of them, the woman i spoke to was Rissabelle.
    I am glad I found this site though as I wouldnever have known any issues were happening.
    I also asked about the profile Europe now in liquidation, she said not to worry there is nothing wrong with profile dubai, I hope she is right!
  8. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    Guys I don’t want to put more oil in the fire, but don’t you know what Bermudas’ triangle means.
  9. vonvonvon

    vonvonvon New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I have emailed Shirley Mathew (again). No reply this time.
    I have emailed RERA
    I have emailed Dubaisportscity.
    I have emailed The bank

    Such a derth of information!

    Anyone any better luck?

    By the way, there is another Bermuda Views thread somewhere there. Might be some news there.

  10. Hessie

    Hessie New Member

    I have been on Profile's case for weeks - not least because of their response to my request for a refund which a two year old could have written more convincingly. Latest i was informed was that work was to recommmence on or before June 15 and a letter to that effect would be forthcoming from the developers. No letter - no response to a chaser e-mail. Profile web site down - another pack of lies?
  11. OAKWOOD3000

    OAKWOOD3000 New Member

    Profile are now refusing to answer the phone , we need to stop them taking our money. As investors the only choice we have is to group together i think. i have put down alot of money of my own hard earned cash. The delivery date of the project is now past and they have never once contacted me. Next step is that i am brining my contracts to a laywer for review. The project has not even started.
  12. cazfoster72

    cazfoster72 New Member

    Hi oakwood, the project has actually started, just not got very far. They have done the difficult bit of the excavation but just got the technical bit of building the poxy thing. Profile are answering the phone you may just have got them on a busy day, I spoke to them a couple of weeks ago.
  13. Hessie

    Hessie New Member

    Here is my latest from Profile today and from a new name to me at Profile i.e. not Shirley Matthew or Michelle Fernandes:

    "As for the project update, kindly be advised that the developer is waiting for a final document from Dubai municipality which is a new requirement by RERA and accordingly upon receipt of the same the work will commence. The work was anticipated to commence by end of June but till date we have not obtained the paper from the said authorities. This is something beyond the developers control and hoping to have this document anytime now."

    I never quite know what to believe but I am almost encouraged.............
  14. OAKWOOD3000

    OAKWOOD3000 New Member

    i got the very same reply word for word....
  15. vonvonvon

    vonvonvon New Member

    Any news anyone?

    Hi everyone,

    Been a while.

    Anyone got news?

    I have had no emails from Shirley Mathew or anyone else.

    Totally at a loss.
  16. jasonkate

    jasonkate New Member

    Hi All,

    Not much news really..spoke to my agent yesterday and he has spoke to Profile but they have no news...strange as they are the ones who took our money.
    He is unable to make contact with Shirley mattews and he says he is ringing every hour.
    He also said if he doesn't get some sort of explanation within the next few days he will lodge a complaint with RERA against Profile and HMA Exec.
    I'm not really any further on and this is the last time I will wait without an answer then its legal advice for me.
    Keep in touch with news...Has anyone been out to sports city?:banghead:
  17. Hessie

    Hessie New Member


    I have had several communications with Profile of late. Despite my synicism (sp?!) I have been getting very quick responses to my enquiries and the latest is that they expect a certificate/approval from RERA in a week's time with construction apparently to recommence thereafter. Interesting.

    QUOTE=jasonkate;111584]Hi All,

    Not much news really..spoke to my agent yesterday and he has spoke to Profile but they have no news...strange as they are the ones who took our money.
    He is unable to make contact with Shirley mattews and he says he is ringing every hour.
    He also said if he doesn't get some sort of explanation within the next few days he will lodge a complaint with RERA against Profile and HMA Exec.
    I'm not really any further on and this is the last time I will wait without an answer then its legal advice for me.
    Keep in touch with news...Has anyone been out to sports city?:banghead:[/QUOTE]
  18. cazfoster72

    cazfoster72 New Member

    Received this today, from HMA exec, so it could be back on track soon, first time I have received form developer or without actually prompting them.

    November 1, 2009 HMA EXEC LTD
    C/o Al Obaidli & Al Zarooni Advocates & Legal Consultants
    PO Box 125237
    Dubai, UAE
    Dear Valued Purchaser,
    Following our recent correspondence, please find below status update on our project Bermuda Views located within the Dubai Sports City master plan.
    Since we received the relevant permits for the initial works, we have completed fencing, shoring and all excavation works 100%.
    HMA EXEC Ltd has now awarded the main construction contract to ACC LLC and we have applied for the building permit from Dubai Sports City. Due to issues relating to the original appointed contractor of the project, coupled with the extended handover of the land, we are aware that the project is running late as per the initial estimations to its completion. We are committed to the successful completion of the project and currently anticipate handover to be mid 2011.
    We have completed the initial and updated required technical audit to RERA and have indeed issued the authority with a revised payment plan to link customer installments to the progress of construction, as is their more recent requirement. This payment plan will be issued to purchasers in the project once the regulatory body has approved it.
    At this more advanced stage, our management agreement with Profile covering client services and indeed construction management of the tower has now expired and we are actively looking to place the project with a client services team in the city in order that queries can be satisfied.
    In the interim period, over the next week we will launch a dedicated website for the project that will provide constantly updated information relating to the progress of the project, general information from RERA, updated payment plans, contact details and photographs of the current stage of the construction.
    We are inline with the requirements relating to the secure escrow account with RERA and have submitted our audited accounts as per the laws of the city.
    HMA EXEC Ltd look forward to the commencement of the main construction works of this exciting project once we have received the building permit from Dubai Sports City.
    For any meeting appointments/queries please contact us through e-mail at [email protected]
    For and On Behalf Of HMA EXEC Ltd
    Bermuda Views
    [email protected]
  19. simmo

    simmo New Member


    Hi Caz,

    Just wondered if you have had any more updates about Bermuda Views?

    Your last post suggested that they had appointed new contractors, but were waiting for the paperwork from RERA.

    Please keep in touch

  20. cazfoster72

    cazfoster72 New Member website is up and running and they are in contact now

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