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Hi folks!

I'm a 34 y/o man who has managed to save about 160k over the years and has heard many success stories about property investment and I feel now is the time to give it a shot,

I have been searching for houses in the aim of developing and selling and feel auctions may be the best way to find my first house but it seems the lots are difficult to find online.

I would love to buy a house in London but my budget is way too low so I've opted to search in Kent as it seems the closest to London for my budget.

Would anybody recommend I continue my search for development opportunities in Kent or shall I look further afield ie up north?

Many thanks for your interest and I look forward to reading your replies :)
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There has been a recent trend way from the London market to the Midlands and North of England. In light of the coronavirus, which seems to be much more prevalent in the North, you may find some very interesting opportunities in the weeks and months ahead. I wouldn't necessarily discount London/South of England as they tend to be the hub of the UK economy. However, a lot of experts would argue there is greater value in the North of England. When to buy, what to buy, that is a whole different question.


If you are new to property investment, you may find some of these free e-books useful:-



It would be great if you could update this thread in the future and let us know how you're getting on with your property project. In theory now is the perfect time to be looking long-term but many people are still concerned about the short-term.