Beachfront land plots CARAUBAS, Natal RN Brazil

Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by Sasha.F, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. Sasha.F

    Sasha.F New Member


    I am looking for anyone who has invested in beachfront land plots in Caraubas between Natal Ocean Club and David Beckham World of Sport / golf resort (Cabo Sao Roque).

    Just wanted to chat to someone who has bought there also.
  2. Adebuzzy

    Adebuzzy New Member

    caraubas beach

    Hi Sasha,

    I am also intereted in the area.
    May I ask you if you got your land plot? If ye, maybe you can prodive me with your experience.

  3. Adebuzzy

    Adebuzzy New Member

    Hi Robh, do you some more pictures about the resort being build (maybe when you cam by last week)?
    I saw a couple ads talking about land plots being sold right in between the resort and the golf course.
    I would be pretty much intereted on some photos and to see how look the arear around the thwo prestigious build.
  4. Adebuzzy

    Adebuzzy New Member

    Hi again Robh, I was referring to them plot Sasha was talking about:
    in Caraubas between Natal Ocean Club and David Beckham World of Sport / golf resort (Cabo Sao Roque).
    Can I ask you if you notice how bad (or good) was the land plot located on the right hand side of the resort when you are front facing the beach?

    Yes, that would be great if you can take some pictures for me or any other member interested in the thread.
  5. Sasha.F

    Sasha.F New Member

    Hi Adebuzzy!

    I bought my plot in early 2010 by a broker that I have bought other properties through the years. I chose not to buy as close to the beach for several reasons and know that NOC was delayed by the fact that they built too close to the shoreline. Think it is good that the authorities have become stricter in terms of shoreline construction and do not really know how people who bought plots of lands within 100 meters from the beach are going to build there.

    Regarding Caraubas, it is incredibly beautiful with spectacular sea views. I was there last year and pent a whole day in and around the area. Learned that there are turtles and dolphins in the water outside and the water is protected area.
    There are already some houses in the area but all are built several years ago.

    David B. resort is still on the drawing table, but that's how it works in Brazil.
    I don’t have planes to build right now but know that there is a general building permit for the area (perhaps minus the first 100 meters from the shoreline today!). I know that many foreigners have invested in the area, but what the future might look like, no one can say with certainty specialy in Brazil.

  6. Adebuzzy

    Adebuzzy New Member

    Thanks a lot for your answers Sasha. Any chance we can continue to discuss through private tchat? I sent you a friend request but dont know how to send a private message through the website..
  7. Sasha-F

    Sasha-F New Member

    Hello, Have anybody any news regarding the land plots at this location?!

    Caraubas between Natal Ocean Club and David Beckham World of Sport / golf resort (Cabo Sao Roque).
    IMG_0752.JPG planta1 pronto[1].JPG
  8. Sasha-F

    Sasha-F New Member

    NOC is a ghost building today, abandoned and probably will never finnish!
    I have seen some land ooccupiers nearby at the road.

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