Beachfront and Oceanfront properties in the Portuguese Rivieras - an overview

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  1. The Portuguese Rivieras - an overview

    Portugal has 6 Rivieras, three of them, ca. 5 km in the Serra d'Arrabida (nature park) south from Lisbon, 10 km around Funchal and 20km in Sao Miguel Island, Azores, are absolute south coasts, e.g. with high mountain ranges that fall directly into the coast. The other three Rivieras: the Coast from Lisbon to Cascais, the Algarve from the spanish border to Sagres and a tiny 3 km stretch of coast of Santa Maria Island, Azores.
    The Troia peninsula is Riviera-like, since even if it faces west it is quiet protected by the Serra d'Arrabida.

    Waterfront properties in the Rivieras
    Waterfront properties in these coasts are virtually impossible to find in the market. You still can find a few in both Azores Rivieras, because they were discovered last.
    The status of Troia as nature conservation area was recently revoked and there are some waterfront (east) and beachfront (west) properties in the market.
  2. Accurate climate data from the last ten years

    Accurate climate data from the last ten years - including current month updated daily
    Madeira and Azores Riviera compared to Ibiza, Spain and Paphos, Cyprus, the mildest WMO stations in Western and Eastern Mediterranean.

    Also for another article about the climate paradox of portuguese oceanfront property.

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