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Based In hurghada & Looking For Based Uk Partner

Discussion in 'Egypt property' started by realestatemart, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. Dear Forum Members and agents
    I'm based in Hurghada, Red Sea Egypt and looking for UK agents or individuals to work together to promote my properties andwork on 50 / 50 agreement any one interested around besids I can handle your clients if you don't have a base in hurghada against special agreement ;)
    I hope tohear from you soon
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  2. jeremy bright

    jeremy bright New Member

    i will have a go if you are interested and in return you can help me as have apartment there to rent

    WESTMIDS33 Banned

    Will the real realestatemart stand up?

    Hey, What have you done with my mate realestatemart? We want him returned ASAP.....LOL.


  4. kimkonnoris

    kimkonnoris New Member

    where is he???????????????????????????????????? lol
  5. Sure this is 100% accepted letme knowwhat you need :)
  6. Who is Your Mate LOL
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