Barcelo's gone missing

Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by Mr Ri, May 9, 2008.

  1. Mr Ri

    Mr Ri New Member

    Anyone got any news about the Barcelo Hotel?

    I note that the Barcelo group have removed the Saidia hotel details completely from their website.
  2. Sissy

    Sissy New Member

    Hello Mr Ri,
    They have now taken over the Sofitel in Marina Smir, Tetouan...
  3. SaidiaSpy

    SaidiaSpy New Member

    Mr Ri's was an old post. Things have changed today in Saidia.

    Go to Barcelo site -> Select 'Morocco' from dropdown -> Select 'Saidia'

    You can make bookings from today.

    However, there is still a small army of workmen on site, so it might be a bit noisy.

    The kitchen staff from the Barcelo provide the golf course restaurant with its catering staff and supplies. The restaurant opened 2 weeks ago and the golf course officially re-opened Saturday 24th April 2010.

    It must be kept in mind that the Barcelo group only manages the hotel and does not own it. In years to come the name (and management) might change. The owner is a group of wealthy Moroccan businessmen.

    The Iberostar is also a hive of activity. They brought in a hatchet man to clean the place up. He is succeeding. The third hotel, Globalia, is the biggest scene of activity. It will be tight for them to be open by July, but are most likely to shut over the Winter for further works.

    Mr Ri and others, when last were you on the resort?

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