Bank declares there is no real estate bubble in Australia

Nicholas Wallwork

Nicholas Wallwork

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There is no speculative real estate bubble in Australia, according to the country's Reserve Bank,*but it would not be desirable for the current spate of rising property prices to turn into one,*officials have said.

Fears of a property bubble emerged after the Australian Bureau of Statistics house price index*rose 20% in the year to March, but the RBA does not think it is out of hand.

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Ben RE

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There can only be analysis done based on information at hand. Predicting the future movements will only ever be speculative, whether it be up or down, it is still just speculation.

Let's not forget there have been many MEDIA created "the bubble is bursting" or "the bubble is about to burst" stories.... Sometimes they have to be right... Most times they are not. They are however run at regular interval. The stories are far more cyclical than the actual property market.