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Discussion in 'Turkey property' started by Sunnyshores, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. Sunnyshores

    Sunnyshores New Member

    I now need a Turkish bank account for all my rental (ha ha!!) money to go into and for utilities to come out of.

    Does anyone have any advice on what banks are good ? How much it costs to set up DDs, transfer money in/out, from UK etc. A bank with on-line banking would be great, so I can check balances etc from home.

    Any help, appreciated. Thanks.
  2. TH4S

    TH4S New Member

  3. blue sky

    blue sky New Member

    You can also try Turkiye Is Bankasi and Turkish Bank. They might be useful as they have branches in London.
  4. Sunny Days

    Sunny Days Member

    AKBANK have easy to use internet banking, in English.
  5. nba004

    nba004 New Member

    Hi, i have been told (by two banks in Istanbul) that i can not open an account in Turkey unless you live there!! does any one know any different?
  6. plush

    plush New Member

    It is usual to open a Turkish bank account prior to buying a property, so you can transfer money into your Turkish bank account before purchase. We purchased a property 4 years ago ... but at the time there were no checks to say that if we didnt then go ahead and buy the property then we needed to close our bank account.
    We are UK residents and havent applied for Turkish residency.

    My understanding is that you need to go and get a Turkish tax number and show the bank your passport to open an account.

    You need Turkish resendency (or a Turkish friend to put the agreement in their name) if you want a car or a home phone.
  7. jestjools

    jestjools New Member

    I have dealt with three banks during my time in Turkey. I can highly recommend Finans Bank, they also have internet banking so that you can keep a track on your accounts.
  8. mnoone

    mnoone New Member

    I have accounts in both Finans Bank and Garanti Banks in Turkey, both have internet banking in english. Both also have call centre's with good access. Have had no problems with either. You will need your Turkish tax no. to open account, this you should have if you bought property.
  9. turkish_accountant

    turkish_accountant New Member

    First, you have to come to the branch in person because they require your signing the bank account opening form in person. Secondly you will need to have your passport and your Turkish Tax ID with you. That's all.
  10. TH4S

    TH4S New Member

    I dont think so :banghead: that is totally incorrect information.
  11. mnoone

    mnoone New Member

    bought 6 years ago. where are you located as we may from time to time require some assistance.
  12. TAM Gayrimenkul

    TAM Gayrimenkul New Member

    Istanbul - we provide property management services around istanbul. how do you manage your property currently ? where is it located?
  13. Sunnyshores

    Sunnyshores New Member

    unfortunately my post 3 years ago was premature - the development is still not complete!!! But thanks for all the suggestions...
  14. Rivermead

    Rivermead New Member

    :hmmmm2: Does not sound like the best of news.

    Which development did you buy on? Have they told you expected completition dates in the past? more recently?
  15. Sunnyshores

    Sunnyshores New Member

    I wont bore you with all the details, but the developer is now bankrupt, the landowner died and there are inheritance problems and our Uk agent and Turkish Lawyer have attempted some questionable dealings with the developer, so are keen to announce it as finished so we pay our final 20%s. . . . .
  16. Rivermead

    Rivermead New Member

    Sounds like a complete nightmare. Fingers crossed it will all work out in the end for you. Make sure you keep us updated with progress.

    We have been dealing with issues in Egypt for the past few years helping people secure there apartments. Read all about it here.

    It can be hard at times to see a good outcome, but keep at it... there is always a chance.

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