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Banana residential update

Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by ferriej, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. ferriej

    ferriej New Member

    Just wondering what the latest was with this development. i have paid a holding deposit for one of the villas and was curious as to how well they were selling and when building will commence
  2. k1elec

    k1elec New Member

    I have just received an e-mail regarding this today the due diligence has just about to be finished just 2 things left to sort

    a) Plot is to be owned by vendor at the time of exchange of contracts.
    b) Each plot will have INDIVIDUAL building license

    And these should be done by the 1st September. I also have a received a draft contract, a copy of the building specification, and a plan of the villa.

    Every thing looks ok so far

    Regards, Karl
  3. the great bear

    the great bear New Member

    I have been told that building is starting in January.
    I have been contacted to set up power of attorney with my lawyer, because i will be going to contract in january.

    I was lucky I bought at the release price, loved the development when I saw the area in October, well worth the price they want now.
  4. ferriej

    ferriej New Member

    Hi G/Bear

    were you over in Cumbuco in October?. I also reserved at the original price but havent been able to get over and have relied solely on the internet for my research into the area. looks really nice with a good bit of development taking place
    Would appreciate any feedback or even photos you may have taken over there. completed my power of attorney last week.
    reckon this will be a great investment.
  5. the great bear

    the great bear New Member

    Well done its fabulous, but i was disappointed with my photos as they do not show it off as well as could do, as it was a slightly cloudy day, and i´m new to this, so not sure how to download, or even if you can. They are now 115.000€ and to be honest I think they are worth that, so we have a great investment. Yippee
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