Bali Eygpt or Austria - Your Thoughts?

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Hey Everyone, just found this Forum, very happy I did great to see so many active investors, who can hopefully offer some advice.

My current dilema is about where to invest next.
Last year I bought an appartment to live in, in a ski resort in Austria which is building lots of new tourist attractions each year, with golf course in the pipeline, and improved ski lifts every year.

I want to get a 2nd property and have lots of different ideas.

So I was recently in Bali, and was blown away by what a beautiful place it is:), with amazing surf, nice people, culture, and cheap cost of living. I have found some off plan developments which are claiming 10-15% capital appreciation per year, with rental returns of around 7-9%. Its a beautiful place and you prices are qouted in US Dollars so with a strong euro in my pocket it would work out pretty good, especially if and when the dollar returns to strength.:D

The lot i was thinking of is 120,00 USD two bedroom villa. So any thoughts?
The main stumbling block is:-
Ownership law states only indonesians can own land :mad: so you have to set up a nominee (but they give you power of attorney),or set up an investment company.
Also I am not living there so not sure if its too far away from a first real investment.

I have been reading all about Eygpt. Everyone is offering off plan studios and appartments in hurguda with high capital appreciation and rental returns, is it too good to be true, or whats the drawbacks with eygpt?
Will there be an oversupply of rooms with a lack in demand? I wouldnt then want a place sitting there without people renting it.
Obviously with prices of 20-30,000 for these studios its a smaller investment and closer to home than Bali so maybe its a safer bet.
Whats your advice for me on Eygpt? :confused:

I was thinking about another appartment in Austria, however prices for small appartments in ski resorts of the fashionable towns like Innsbruck are high, whilst rents are cheap. You can rent a super nice appartment with two bedrooms for as low as €700 including bills whilst to buy such a place of around 70m2 might cost you around €200,000 euros. On the other hand though you can rent these places out weekly and during high season rent them out at around €1000 a week :eek: . I think much of it stems from the fact like germany there isnt too much of a real estate market. Austrians get houses from their parents where they live and maybe rent out a floor of their house, and thats about it.
I have read some country guides on Austria but I think the ski resorts are quite different to many of those guides, due to the high numbers of tourists visiting.

So please let me know your advice, thoughts on these 3 very different areas of the world, and what I should choose. I sincerely appreciate your time for firstly reading this and replying! :)

Damian George

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Bali - no - risk reward
Eygpt - no - reasons stated
Austria - no - to much of a good thing

What about France, Spain or Italy?

Prices falling and offers accepted up to 50% of asking price - maybe a good medium to long term investment

Another place to look at is Humber Vally Newfoundland Canada - look beautiful and clients that bought there cant rate the place high enough!

have a look at Newfoundland Property: Humber Valley Real Estate Property Newfoundland Canada


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Dear Jonathan,

About Bali...yes you need nominee for the land but you have power attorney to secure your land as original owner as my experience here for my good overseas clients. Return investment is still good. That is happened recently in Bali even global crisis at the moment but still some enquiry for property in Bali.

Best regards,

Ms. Sri
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