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Badrah Waterfront Phase 2

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by defc0nx, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. defc0nx

    defc0nx Banned


    I have one bedroom and studio in phase 2 of badrah waterfront... i would like to get rid of one .. if not both of them ... is there any pointers as to which agent i should go after?
  2. allayar_khan

    allayar_khan New Member

    Hi , if you are interested in selling your properties, kindly send me all the info and we will advertise your property through our real estate, if your interested please me email me at allayar_khan at yahoo. com,Thanks

    Allayar Khan
    Noof Real Estate
  3. defc0nx

    defc0nx Banned

    I just mailed you.
  4. MusTafA_aLi

    MusTafA_aLi New Member


    I have badrah phase to at cost price...let me know if someone is interested...

    1 Bed Badrah Phase 2
    OP: 1,246,200/- (Paid 10%)
    Excellent View...

    Call me if interested Zero Five Zero Three Five Two Zero Eight One Eight
    or mustafa at mmreale dot com
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