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Badrah Phase 2 - Payment Plan Changed - Installment Deferred

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by imrane, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. imrane

    imrane New Member

    This news would come as a welcome relief to all those badrah investors like me , who would have feared for the worst.

    Below are the contents of the email i received from Nakheel today.

    Dear **************,

    We thank you for the email.

    Further to numerous requests and taking into consideration the market situation we are pleased to inform you that the payments for the Badrah phase 2 is now moved by 6 months. The next payment for the property is now due on 1st June 2009.

    The revised payment plan and a formal communications would be sent out to the customers shortly. Since the payment plan has been revised we would like to inform you that the request for the cancellation of the property cannot be accommodated currently.

    If you would like to proceed with the Transfer in the nearest future, please be informed that as the 2nd installment is not due before June 2009 you will be required to pay only the Resale Commission fee - AED 5,000 flat Administration Fee for each unit.

    We hope that the above information clarifies your queries.

    Should you require any further assistance please revert.

    Thank you & Regards,

    Liliana Diaconescu
    Customer Relationship Officer

    Customer Services Center
    Nakheel PJSC
    P.O. Box: 17777
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  2. jennie1

    jennie1 New Member

    well that's better than a kick in the head isn't it?
  3. Dubai_One

    Dubai_One New Member

    Any news about phase I, are they going to review the payment plan, as it is really really tight :eek:
  4. Dubai_One

    Dubai_One New Member

    Yesterday I went to see the construction of Badrah in waterfront, well, it seems that the townhouses are rising above the surface, there is even on already painted one from outside, I couldn't go beyond the guard station but you can see it, I will try to get a picture next time I go there.
    there is 8 cranes, it seems that the construction is going fast there.
  5. Doobedoo

    Doobedoo New Member

    Nakheel told me today that Badrah Phase 1 is 33% complete and the Dec 09 completion date is realistic hence why the payment schedule has not been revised. Phase 2 has not yet started and will be delayed.
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