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Bab Al Badr-RAK The Gateway to the Moon

Discussion in 'UAE Property' started by addylhr, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. addylhr

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    Ras Al Khaimah braces into becoming an international business and tourism centre, new developments are being envisioned in the fourth largest emirate. One of them is a cluster of four coral-shaped man-made paradise emerging southwest over 29 million sq. ft of lands, in the map of Ras Al Khaimah as Al Marjan Islands.

    This AED 6.6 billion man-made offshore development promises to be another eminent icon of progress in the emirate. In the heart of the Al Marjan Islands also rises another freehold commercial and residential complex – the Bab-Al-Badr.

    While the architectural and civil master plan takes shape for the finest details of the Bab-Al-Badr, opportunities are unveiled before investors and real property owners. These investment opportunities are as incomparable as the amenities and facilities in Bab-Al-Badr.

    Bab-Al-Badr, transliterated as “gateway to the moon”, is an architectural opus of 14 & 13 elliptical towers which resemble a set of huge impressive entrance doors overlooking the sapphire waters of the Arabian Gulf. The towers are linked by a Sky Bridge with an 8-storey building which comprises of service studio apartments, townhouses & duplex apartments. The residential building consists of studios, service studios, one two-bedroom apartments and town houses.

    Welcome to a world of infinite luxuries!

    Every apartment at Bab-Al-Badr offers a combination of a well-heeled lifestyle and an overwhelming sense of tradition. It brings state-of-the-art facilities - from the swimming pool to the free gym and from the supermarket to health club and salon, the amenities abound. The unity of design and the clear aesthetic statement, which Bab-Al-Badr represents, enhance that it creates a strong neighborhood presence.

    Bab-Al-Badr is a place where life is full of joy and excitement. Where you can enjoy the serenity of landscaped gardens and lawns, and still be in the centre of the city.

    With positive signs across the business clouds, Bab-Al-Badr braces hopes in harmony with its vision into becoming another icon of a world-class business and residential community.

    Once you are in Bab-Al-Badr, you get a piece of haven in a paradise equipped with these amenities beyond compare!


    * 100% Freehold Ownership in the Freezones.
    * 150% Growth in the number of companies registered with Ras Al Khaimah Investment Authority in 2007 over previous years combined.
    * 57% Population Growth in the last 8 Years.
    * Ras Al Khaimah hotels Post 93% bed occupancy in 2007.
    * 40% Growth in the number of tourist in 2007.
    * 50% GDP Growth in the last five years.
    * GPD grew by 18.1% in 2007.
    * Ras Al Khaimah plans AED 3bn Road Development.
    * US $ 30 billion of Foreign Direct Investment in 2007.
    * Ras Al Khaimah Government invests 5bn AED in infrastructure:)
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    i have knowledge about this development
    please update me if you have any news further about the project
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