B.A.R.B.I.E.S. (Buy Abroad Rent In Britain)

Discussion in 'Egyptian Lounge' started by Lsab, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. Lsab

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    I came across this expression in this months A Place In The Sun. It's a new terminology for 20 somethings who can't afford to buy in the UK so they 'Buy-Abroad-and-Rent-in Britain'. With prices as they are in Egypt, does anyone know of anybody doing just that? Is anyone on the forum a BARBIE? :D
  2. merkat

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    i'm a soon-to-be barbie.
    I posted not so long ago 'nightmare' which at the time didn't know the correct term for what my plan is, but heard about it today on a newspaper report.

    I'm 22 and looking at property abroad but not sure of location, was considering Montenegro but not as cheap as people make out! Now looking into Albania but not sure if it's took risky? Any advice would be great.

    Fi x
  3. queenie40something

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    Lsab - thought you were going slightly mad for a moment. At first I thought you had made a post about dolls then I thought no she must mean barbies as in BBQ's LOL.

    Hi Merkat and welcome.

    There are lots and lots of bargains to be had still in Egypt. The prices are increasing every couple of months by about 10% each time.
  4. merkat

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    i never realised it was so cheap there, any place in particular you recommend? This may sound silly but is it safe over there, for example do people regularly leave the complexes because i went to mexico recently and that was rather scary.
  5. Lsab

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    Hello Fi

    Nice to have you join us. I read your other posts and I'm sure that you'll get loads of good advice on this forum too. Give me few minutes and I'll go through and find some threads for you to start reading which will give you an idea of the market in Egypt. Why don't you start with the introductions thread and meet some of the members. Personally I've found the advice here invaluable and because we discourage promotional posts, nobody here will just try and sell you something.


    This thread will answer a lot of questions http://www.totallyproperty.com/egypt-property/5213-living-egypt.html
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  6. merkat

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    ooo thankyou soo much, i've been researching and speaking to people for about a year and this seems to be the only place where i'm taken seriously. I'm very interested now in egypt. x
  7. Lsab

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  8. Lsab

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    and this http://www.totallyproperty.com/egypt-property/6169-so-where-have-you-purchased-egypt-why.html

    and this http://www.totallyproperty.com/egypt-property/5264-how-much-did-you-pay-your-property.html

    We have lots of thread on the individual developments too but find your way around first.

    I should also point out something that is always pointed out, there is no substitute for actually going over to Hurghada and having a look for yourself. There's lots of people that can help you with that too!!!
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  9. queenie40something

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    Hi Merkat - Egypt is really safe to walk out and about on your own. The crime rate is very low.

    We prefer Sharm and have bought in the up and coming area of Nabq. It is 99 yr lease in Sharm but dont let that put you off as when you sell the new buyer just applies and is granted a new 99 yr lease for £1000.

    The cost of living is really low as well. There are so many excellent developments out there and dont forget it is sunshine all year round ( more or less ). This makes rental very attractive. Also whether you are in Sharm or Hurghada the flight to see the ancient wonders in Luxor and Cairo is only 50 mins and the prices can be as little as £30 return. This also makes it attractive to potential holiday makers wanting to rent as they can have the best of both worlds sun, sea and ancient wonders. The snorkelling and scuba diving is amazing.

    If there is anything at all you need to know please ask.


  10. Lsab

    Lsab New Member

    Great expression isn't it?
  11. Which part of Egypt

    Dear Merkat welcome on Board and just a small question which part of Egypt you are interested in? Red Sea is amazing area and i think you should look at it its amazing investment and by the way egypt is most safe country i travle and leave my flat for long time and come and find it as it is its nice country you should come and have a look ;)
  12. merkat

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    To be honest i've never really considered egypt before so been searching as much as i can on it the past few hours, i know it prob sounds lame to all you property buffs but there is something about the fact there is sooo many developments that scares me slightly...being that im a 'BARBIE' and even if i wanted to i couldn't keep this apartment as it is for me to gain on,i'm sure prices will rise but when it comes to selling i think there maybe alot of people selling to and it won't be that easy. I have so much to think about and it seems as soon as i'm set on an idea i hear/read a load of negatives and it comes crashing down! Sorry to go on just feeling sorry for myself...whine whine x
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