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Azzurra owners

Discussion in 'Egypt property' started by PC7, Dec 24, 2008.

  1. PC7

    PC7 New Member

    Hello everybody and merry Chrystmas

    It is difficult to find Azzzurra owners in internet with whom exchange few words on the development. It is also a topic low talked. I do not know why.

    i have just bought there and for me it is one of the best spot.

    If there is somebody write here or contact directly me, i am glad of my bought i would like to share my words with someone interested in this property.

    Bye and merry Christmas again to everybody

  2. Ery

    Ery New Member

    Hi PC7!
    In which zone did you buy your apartment?
    And when did you visit the project last time?
  3. tatiana

    tatiana New Member

    I am also future owner of Azzurra aparments. We have been last time in July08/
    If somebody visited job site after this period? Please, send any info.
    We have a big doubts about future of Azzurra and Sahl Hasheesh.
    It is possible, that we dont see anything ready withing 4 years (if someday it ever happened) our apartments. For example, try to sale your appartment befor delivery for the price You bought. You cant sale it even for slihgtly less price!
    Nobody will buy. Sorry for this info, but the situation is like this.
  4. Ery

    Ery New Member

    Hi Tatiana. what info do you need?
    About sale yes I agree that it is very difficult to sale before delivery date. but do you now that everything that now is been built in Sahl Hasheesh it is 1/3 of all that will be there. so after 2 years all that seems now is not first line, will be so-so expensive that hardly believe!
    More over when the project will be finished (not only Azzurra) I think the potential cllients will run to purchise, because the view of it will be so atractive.
    I visit this project very often if you need anything let me know.
  5. tatiana

    tatiana New Member

    Thank You, Ery. If it is possible, would You be so kind to make fotos of sector 4 and 6 in Azzurra project just to see the progress on the job site.
    The problem, that in current global situation it very risky to tell about future of SH project. Liquidity is very low and if it will be finished in very long time, we just block our money for nothing, because when they finished it the price can be even less than original.
  6. cuerdley1989

    cuerdley1989 New Member

    The future of Sahl Hasheesh will always be shrouded in doubt due to the incompetence of ERC. They are a totally unprofessional in the way they handle the business with the smaller developers and bully them too.
  7. distant dreamer

    distant dreamer New Member

    ERC hosted a meeting in London several weeks ago which I advertised on this forum. They came across as a very professional and transparent outfit and have some very good companies set up to offer a professional service to investors. However, on the scale of things its still very early days for the entire Sahl Hasheesh development and what they have planned is just amazing. It can be frustrating that things like shops etc are not open when they were promised a while ago, but in the long run I think its better to be patient and get something worth waiting for eventually. I know that Richard Turner of ERC said that they had to change the original shops as so that the mix was much more suitable, and this now includes a Budda Bar in the Old Town. Also regarding Serrenia, Trump is apparently now involved so plans for that have been changed. I'm sure it will be worth the wait!

  8. distant dreamer

    distant dreamer New Member


    There have already been many successful resales on the beachfront properties of Palm Beach Piazza, El Andalous and Ocean Breeze, and many people have made extremely good profits, so not sure what you are talking about!

  9. Alan Cockayne

    Alan Cockayne Banned

    Quote : Also regarding Serrenia, Trump is apparently now involved so plans for that have been changed. I'm sure it will be worth the wait!

    I'm not sure Trump will ever be involved in Serrenia. He's pulled out of negotiations on many projects like this many times.

    To Trump I say "put up or shut up"
    We will believe it when I see his money flow. He's under scrutiny in the States at present.

    Let's all enjoy the growth of Sahl Hasheesh without listening too closely to Egyptian promises.
    Resorts swell from tourist demand and the pleasures these communities create. Not because of high rollers like Trump and the hype from developers.

    Alan Cockayne - Coralife-Style Consultant.
  10. swim-maestro

    swim-maestro New Member


    I placed a deposit on a development in sahl approx 12 months ago but eventually went with my gut feeling and pulled out and bought in hurghada instead.
    I know both these resorts are very different but i know i will be able to enjoy my holiday home much sooner than waiting for sahl to develop.
    Sahl was always going to have slow progress(thats egypt for you) but the global credit crunch really isnt helping.
    I have the peace of mind that i have bought early in this emerging market and who knows 4-5 years down the line when sahl really starts to take shape i may purchase there too but i guess its a waiting game.
    Egypt is a wonderful country and i have bought into this for the culture and lifestyle not just the financial gains that a lot of buyers are purely interested in.
    Buying off plan and in a foreign country is a bit like dealing in the stock market there is always a element of risk. I just wish and hope that everyone comes out trumps!!!! (pardon the pun!!) :) cheers
  11. SHO

    SHO Member

    As far as I know the developers of Azzurra are pushing very hard in terms of construction and we regularly have problems getting onto certain sectors of the project due to the amount of construction going on... all seems to be going to plan and they have sold a major portion of the project already...

    And... it is probably the only project where our staff are made to wear hard hats!!! :)

    If anyone needs any further info please do not hesitate to PM me.
  12. Peter Mitry

    Peter Mitry <B>Egypt Forum Founder Member</B>

    Azzurra Update

    This really is an amazing project; the site is more than 1kms long on elevated ground above the Northern end of Sahl Hasheesh; the development follows the natural contours of the land with buildings built in clusters on the hillside.

    There are two different architects in Azzurra with completely different design styles and yet each complements the other perfectly; incredibly no two apartments in the entire resort are alike!

    The main feature is that almost every room in every apartment in the entire complex has a sea view, either total or partial. It is surrounded by a golf course on three sides with the links section leading almost to the waters edge; this is truly an amazing complex.

    In the future, the resort will be run my an International management company who will provide every comfort for owners; they will run all facilities from the world class health spa to the management of individual properties. The resort will operate its own internal transportation system using golf carts, exactly like the Oberoi in Sahl Hasheesh.

    Prices are in US Dollars in the range 1450 -1750$ per m2. However, terraces are priced at only 50% of the price per m2 and roof terraces at only 15%. This means that there are great opportunities to find an ideal unit with a huge garden or roof terrace at a surprisingly affordable price.

    Completion of the entire project is planned for August 2010 but the frenzy of activity on site means that they are well ahead of plan.
  13. tatiana

    tatiana New Member

    Yes, may be 8 months ago, but now ? Are You sure ? Now they sale it with discounts (but problem, not price, no sales!). It is all over , not only Egypt.
    Let"s tall about now and close future. No doubt that a lot of investors made good money in the PAST.

    Now You can find prices 2007 level for ocean breeze even on this forum.
  14. tatiana

    tatiana New Member

    Trump canceled a lot of projects (including iconic one on the Palm Jumeira in Dubai) and he have now a lot of problems. Are You realy believe ore it is a game?
  15. bls136

    bls136 New Member

    Thinking of buying an appartment here

    Hello everybody,

    I am new to this site and this is my first posting.

    I suppose I am like many new people to buying an overseas property, worried about the whole process, especially being left stranded with no asset as the delelopment has not deen finished. I know people go on about due diligence etc and I suppose that is why I am posting this message to try and find out anything about the azzurra development.

    I am talking to experience international about the property and they say it is a very good property, but I would expect a salesman to say that so I would like to know from anyone who is impartial on this site what they thing of the development now that it has moved on in time.

    What they think would be a fair price for a two bedroom apartment about 90m in this development. Any information would be appreciated

    Kind regards and thanks in advance

  16. NeilHollingsworth

    NeilHollingsworth New Member

    Hi Brian, if you are worried about the project being completed, there is a complex in Sahl Hasheeh completing now and in a very good location with good facilities. It may be worth comparing the prices and then deciding whether to buy something you are going to have in the next couple of months or something yo are going to worry about for the nexrt couple of years. Just a thought!!

    You can find details of the completed one on this forum.
  17. bls136

    bls136 New Member

    Thanks neil


    Thanks for the quick response and your options and comments have been noted.

    thanks again

  18. NeilHollingsworth

    NeilHollingsworth New Member

    Hi Brian, no problem, good luck with your search :)
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