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Discussion in 'Portugal Property' started by MichelSoaks, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. MichelSoaks

    MichelSoaks New Member

    What should the average cost per square meter be for a new build in the Algarve. The propoerty would be about 350m2 on a sloping plot in a traditional style. We are seeking a high quality finish.

    Thx in advance
  2. omostra06

    omostra06 New Member

    not sure about the Algarve but in central Portugal its around 500€ per square metre. for a high quality build so possibly a bit more in the Algarve
  3. paulomatos

    paulomatos New Member

    in the algarve for 750euros you get high quality finish.
  4. Rob L

    Rob L New Member

    Hi, depends on the location i think.

    Rob L
  5. MichelSoaks

    MichelSoaks New Member

    Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo

    Am being quoted EUR3000 per sq m :eek:

    I thought I was going nuts but the forum responses here confirmed that build cost, even at the inflated expectations in these areas, should not be that stratospheric
  6. omostra06

    omostra06 New Member

    sounds a bit expensive, just think about the huge house you could build in central portugal for a 6th of the cost of the Algarve. Unless someone really wants to live in the Algarve they would be far better off building thier dream home in an other area as it will mean for the budget they have they could have a bigger better quality build with much more land around them. still close to major airports in a much nicer landscape, where the scenery is mountains, rivers, lakes and forests. not too mention the far cheaper cost of living where you can still have a 3 course lunch in a top resturant for 15€ and a normal resturant costing around 6€

    take a look at some examples on
    GekkoPortugal: A guide to Living, working and buying property in Central Portugal
  7. f_ribeiro

    f_ribeiro New Member

    Hello Michel

    As an architect, our experience tell us that you should expect an average price of around 1000-1500 €/sqm and you should use a building company from outise Algarve.

    We just had a small constructing built in July in Lagos (around 200 sqm) and the price we were ask in algarve was 3 times more expensive that using a company from Lisbon.

    If you have the architecture project finished, include some companies outise Algarve in the tender process.

  8. omostra06

    omostra06 New Member

    The huge difference in build costs are one of the reasons more and more people are buying and building in central portugal, if you commission a build on the Algarve at say 1500euros m2 you can have the same house built in central portugal for 500 euros per m2, so with the huge difference that you can save it will pay for your flights for 20 years:) or you could build a house 3 times as big for the same money or the same size for a third of the price..makes sence eh.:) the quality of the workmanship in the central portugal region is very high, and stricktly controlled so no worries about fly by night builders. they take a lot of pride in what they build here. where we live the builder regularly brings visiting relatives to see the house that he built and this is a year after it was finished. hes very proud of his reputation as a quality builder. I just couldnt bring myself to pay over inflated prices for the same job elsewhere.:eek:
  9. silvercoast uk

    silvercoast uk New Member

    build cost jan - 2008

    build at time of post should be between 450 euros to 850 euros dependant on the spec. see the builders work first 3 -5 completed builds.

  10. l.a.a.s

    l.a.a.s New Member


    Let´s not talk of high quality, for the following reasons:
    _ if you want your house with 3m headroom instead of 2.6
    _ if you want to cover the walls with massive wood
    _ if want doors larger, higher and with larger thickness than normal
    _ if you want very expensive materials in the w.c. and kitchen
    then the costs will be very diferent.

    Let`s consider a good quality house, unifamiliar(not geminate), with ground floor and first floor, with:
    _central heating
    _central aspiration
    _double window glass
    _electrical rolling shutter
    _garage electric gate
    _telecomunications board(4 tel operators+internet+tv cable+sat+normal tv)

    Assuming you already have the ground plot ,the project and licences, you go to your bank and for this kind of a house they normally will finance you between 500 and 600 Euros/m2, but they do not finance tax(iva-21%), wich means your cost will be 605/726 E/m2 and this is without garden,fences and frames.

    As you can see the prices of the plots are responsible for the diferent prices you have in the markrt

    Best regards

  11. DGS

    DGS New Member


    Slightly off the thread but if I purchase an existing country (currently inspecting) property and I have the architect produce the drawings would I be allowed to perform the renovations myself and/or oversee the work that was outwith my remit ie project manage what I couldnt do?

    Also what is the % of materials to labour in the quoted psm2 construction cost?

  12. Luis Miranda

    Luis Miranda Guest


    Here in Portugal, it can contract an architect or a designer to make the projects and can contract one or some constructors to construct the house. It can equally follow the workmanship or contract an engineer or an architect. They do not have that to be the same ones. The construction cost (depending on the zone) can go up to around the 750 € m2. (key in the hand).
    Beste regards
    Luis Miranda
  13. DGS

    DGS New Member

    Thank you for the answer.
    Can you tell me if I am personally allowed to carry out the work? ie... Am i allowed to install kitchens, bathrooms, plumbing, roof repairs or must I use a building contractor?
  14. Luis Miranda

    Luis Miranda Guest


    You can make everything what to want with its proper hands, the part of electric installation, gas and waters only is that has that to have a project and later sera inspected, (therefore this part has that to be made by specialized staff). If it will be a house to restore, until can demolish the interior walls without asking for licenses. If fôr one house that already has electric installation, gas and waters, also does not need to ask for licenses nor to contract specialized staff and can you yourselves make.
    Beste regards
    Luis Miranda
  15. DGS

    DGS New Member


    Brilliant. Thank you for the speed and clarity of your answer.

  16. omostra06

    omostra06 New Member

    Depending on the level of work required, you can in some cases carry out all the work yourself, fitting kitchens, bathrooms, painting, new windows, moving interior walls, replacing doors, laying new floors, etc etc.

    however if the work required means altering the main structure of the building, new second floor, large extention, etc, then you need to apply for planning permission,

    if you are doing repairs to the building that does not alter the look or the construction, method or materials then this work too can be done yourself, if for example you want to replace an old roof with a new one, if you use the same materials (wood and tiles) then its straight forward to do. if yiu change to concrete then you need planning.

    if the property has no water or electric connected then you need a project, planning to get them connected. watch out for planning time, it can take one year or more to get a planning project approved, regardless of what some agents, people will tell you. it does take a long time, also dont be tempted to carry out building work, alterations that should require planning permission, without getting the correct permissions, makes your house illegal and almost impossible to sell later.
  17. DGS

    DGS New Member

    Many thanks everyone.

    It is an existing 1951 construction farmhouse with water, sewage, power and telephone already connected, just needs brining into 2008!
    So I can replace existing like-for-like and require an architect plus permissions for an extension/garage/swimming pool.

    Excellent information. Thanks again
  18. Stefan

    Stefan New Member

    An question that always leads to so many different answers. best thing to do is to take the plans of the house and your specifications, bring it to 3 or more builders (check their references) and aks them to count on it. Remember when you compare not only to look on the price. Is IVA included? Look on the total costs such as Pool, lansdscaping, walled or fenced in property, Air cond, alarm, Solar panel etc, etc all this adds up, so the more specifications you have the better. My oppinon about the squaremeter price (only on the house living areas for a high quality) will be minimum €850/m2 + IVA (taxes), cave could be done for €250/m2 and Terraces €170/m2. Remember to check with the Camara what are planned around your plot the next years if there are any? Finally, I do not know if you are in place while the construction is going on, if not you have another problem, to find a person that you can trust your "life" with.
    Good Luck
  19. LondonGuy

    LondonGuy New Member

    Hi guys,

    First time post here so please forgive any ignorance on my part. Here's my question:

    I'm thinking about buying a plot of land in the Estoril/Cascais area or immediately surrounding areas if it's cheaper and having a 3 bedroomed house built on it.

    Can somebody please give me an idea as to:

    a) the cost per square metre for the build (to a high quality with kitchen, appliances, bathroom etc etc. in that area and.....

    b) Perhaps a really stupid question but if I want to build a 2 storey home, do I need to double the cost i.e. calculate the cost for the downstairs (per square metre) and then do the same again for the first floor?

    c) How I would best find a "project manager" to oversee the work of the builders.

    d) How long might it take to construct a home?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  20. Stefan

    Stefan New Member

    Hi London

    Building costs you can only get from a quote, to say High quality is not enough. I guess could be that you will end up around 1.500 Euros/m2 (including taxes) if you keep a quality higher than avarage (what ever that is?)
    This Square meter price should be based on total construction area (which include first floor)

    The key here is: Take in 3 or more quotes from builders that have good references and compare (Do not go on a hunt for a cheap deal from any builder, than you ask for problem and will probably end up paying much more to fix everything after).

    To get a good project manager you have to relay on recommendations, if you do not know anyone personal (check with people you know in the area and see if they can recommend someone?)

    How long time? 9 - 12 Months is normal time if it is traditional construction, can be a bit shorter or longer time as well. Steel houses they can make in 4 - 5 months.

    Good luck



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