Australia, the right place to invest?



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Melbourne is a booming cosmopolitan city of 3.8 million people, and ranked in the words top 10 livable cities. Melbourne offers a superb climate, a unique and beautiful environment, quality social and cultural infrastructure. Melbourne/Australia has one of the worlds most transparent and efficient property regulatory systems, giving international investors maximum security and peace of mind.

* Rising Prices - Apartment prices are now typically 20% below Sydney and are expected to catch up. High specifcation city centre studio apartments start from approx £130,000

* Huge Stamp Duty Savings - when buying off-the-plan in Melbourne, you only pay stamp duty on of the value of the land plus improvements at the time of signing the contract of sale. This can save an investor possibly thousands of pounds.

* Strong Rental Yields - with its tenant neutral rental market the private rental market is the second largest source of housing in Australia (ABS*) Melbourne has a vacancy rate of just 1%.

for more information about buying off the plan property in Melbourne visit 'Australian Investment Property Ltd'


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Buying Property in Aus

I'm considering investing in Australian property, I think it's a great time to buy property with the current bubble burst. I live in the US though. Is there a site where you can view australian properties with Floor Plans like on


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This is a good investment if your looking for a high and secure rental return. I have a commercial property (my own) which i had since 1997 that now need to sell, its located in Loganholme (25km south of Brisbane) in an industrial estate, its tennanted with a 5 year lease and a 3 months bank gurantee. Annual return of 9.5% pa of the purchase price AUD289k. The rent is paid monthly in advance via direct debit from the tennants account and directly into my account at the begining of every month without fail,
I want to sell this as i am now living abroad and need cash for an overseas project.


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Now is the Right Time

Hi John - There are a number of 'bargains' good quality properties in the Gold Coast market. Some developers have cut their prices by $100,000. Some will accept offers (below listed prices). Some are giving rental guarantees, rental assurances, value added incentives (free stamp duty, legal fees, etc). As you are a non-resident, you are restricted to buying NEW properties. You may also get a loan in Australia.


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Hi Omercan - have you considered taking equity out of the property to use for the overseas project? Your commercial property seems like a good one to keep.