Attn: German Property Owners

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Hi All,

I was wondering if German property owners (especially Berlin owners) would like to help us newbies to the German market by providing information on the following:-

1. Where exactly in Germany did you purchase and why?
2. When did you purchase?
3. How much did you purchase for and how much is it worth now?
4. What type of net rentals did you receive and what do you expect now?
5. What is the current medium price and market rental return on the location of purchase?
6. What type of investment did you purchase whether it was land, unit, or entire building?
7. Which reputable Agents did you use?
8. Which reputable Solicitors did you use?
9. Which reputable Lenders did you use?
10. Which reputable Property Insurance companies that protects investors from things such as property damage and rental loss did you use?
11. Which reputable Property Management Companies did you use?

Also maybe elaborate on the process, pricing, quality of service, etc.

I hope I am not asking too much, but I think this information would be very useful to allot of us.

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