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Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by redangel7861, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. MariaReyna

    MariaReyna New Member

    Hi Mzm,

    I'm sorry but I can't help you with that! I'm working in London but I can ask one of our lawyers in Morocco, maybe they know something about Excelia and the new sales manager if they have a client with a problem in your development because they are dealing with cases like yours in different developments.

    I will contact you if they give me any info.

    Very best,

  2. Mzm

    Mzm New Member

    Hi Maria,

    Thank you for that. I hope to hear from you soon.

    Best wishes,

  3. barry the builder

    barry the builder New Member

    Hi All

    Can somebody give me some contact details in order to try and start the process of getting my money yet again. I was out there about a year ago, signed a letter, told i would get my refund but nothing.

    I am not sure i have the right details now. I was talking to guy called Mohammed.

    Any help would be grateful
  4. Mzm

    Mzm New Member

    hi maria,

    any luck with finding the contacts please? i'm desperate to make contact.

    many thanks.


  5. barry the builder

    barry the builder New Member

    Hi Redangel

    Just wondered how things are progressing on Atlas Golf. I personally wasn't that impressed with the level of finish when i went out there, but resent photos and messages on trip adviser are encouraging. I brought several properties abroad and i have decided to sort them all out now. I will either proceed if i get a big discount or start proceedings through a lawyer to get my money back.
    Your advise and help would be appreciated.
  6. mark b

    mark b New Member

    Hi, we have just joined this forum. Just wondering how many of you out there have cancelled but are still waiting for a refund and finding it impossible to extract any kind of contact from Excelia?
    We cancelled 3 years ago. It took them about a year to acknowledge our request to cancel. I then had a meeting at Excelia in Casablanca when I was told the 75% refund would be paid only once a new buyer was found, or after 2 years, whichever came first. Fortunately that was confirmed in writing, although the executive concerned has since left. Last Autumn we were sent a cancellation contract, which did not reflect to 2 year long-stop. I amended it and signed and returned it; since then Excelia have ignored all further correspondence. My 2 year deadline came and went in June this year. I have since contacted the Foreign Office consul in Rabat. The only help he offered was a list of English speaking lawyers, and the suggestion that others in a similar position might want to club together to instruct a Moroccan lawyer to sue Excelia. I have heard negative stories about throwing away good money after bad using the Moroccan legal system but running out of other options. Unless any of you have an up to date connection who will respond to emails, is anyone else out there ready to consider instructing a lawyer ?
  7. barry the builder

    barry the builder New Member

    Hi Mark

    I am also considering taking them to court and have contacted a lawyer recently to start proceedings. His name is Miguel and he was the original lawyer i used for the purchase. He claims to have secured the return of several deposits and i have no reason to disbelieve him.
    He has also estimated his costs at 2,500 pounds with court fees at 2% of the amount claimed.
    I have been considering my options on this simply because of costs. If you would like to contact me directly I can forward some of the correspondence between us and we can talk directly over joining up and possibly saving on costs. My e-mail is [email protected] or you call me directly on 07958 902209.
  8. arunchy

    arunchy New Member

    atlas golf resort

    Hello Barry,

    We are in a similar situation to you.
    We managed to establish contact with a French lady working in Cassablanca who had bought a riadh in this development. She along with other french clients succesfully managed to get their money back after winning a court battle albiet after two years.

    We spoke to Mohammed on several occaisions who appeared to be sympathetic but finally did not come up with the goods.

    We had received a written contract from them promising to return 100% of our £55000 that we had paid them once the propert was sold. They did sell the propert last August. They do not now answer our phone calls and nor do they reply to our emails. Our solicitors here have tried to hire a lawyer in Marrakech but they have all refused to take up the case.

    Do you think it might be an idea for all of us to club together and do what the french did that is to instruct a lawyer in Morocco.

    We can also in the meantime publicise this case by reporting it to BBC Watchdog.

    Would it also be an idea to write a letter to the Moroccan consulate in London as a group asking them to apply pressure on the developers.

    I would be grateful for your opinion.


  9. mark b

    mark b New Member

    Hi Arun,

    I have been in tocuh with Barry about this and I am due to meet his Madrid lawyer in UK soon I hope to discuss a claim. His experience is they will now ignore all contact unless it is a court summons, and he says he has had success recovering deposits on several occasions now. I did not get the idea he had to see this through to a trial, possibly because they have already lost on this same point once in court as you say. If you are interested to discuss teaming up please reply and leave an email address if you can. I am not able to include an email address apparently in my posts as a junior member. mark b
  10. arunchy

    arunchy New Member

    Atlas Golf Resort

    Hi Mark,

    Sorry for the late reply.

    After numerous attempts made by our solicitor in the UK to persuade a Moroccan lawyer to represent us in this matter, we came to a conclusion that the solicitors in Morocco for reasons only known to them are not going to get involved.

    We then went on to contact Judicare who we paid more than £600 to represent us. Their solicitor in Casablanca sent Exelsia a letter of notice but they had no response from them.

    Judicare have advised us to file a case in The Moroccan courts through their solicitors.
    However the costs involved are exorbitant but justified according to Judicare . It would cost around £10000. This would be refunded if we won against the developers.

    We do not know what we should do for the best. Perhaps a collective claim from all of us might turn out to be a cheaper option.

    I certainly know that a group of French families were successful in the courts and received all of their deposits.

    Have you had any luck since we last communicated ?

    Best Wishes,

  11. Mzm

    Mzm New Member

    Atlas Golf Resort - legal Proceedings

    Hi, Has anyone else who cancelled their purchase on Atlas Golf Resort (in line with their cancellations policy) experienced problems receiving 75% of their deposit payment refunded. We & our lawyers have had no luck (In the past 5yrs!) and now our lawyers are suggesting legal proceedings to persuade them to pay back our money. Just wondering if anyone else had to take this route & succeeded. There is a lot of fees involved but we have already been having to pay our lawyers for all their efforts so far.

    We jus t feel like we have been left with no other choice! We want our hard earned cash back to look after our 2 children! Would be grateful if anyone can share their experience positive ones too!

  12. Mark Bush

    Mark Bush New Member

    Atlas Golf

    Hi Arun,

    I have instructed a Madrid based lawyer to recover our deposit. He offered a fixed fee plus court fees, in total about £3000.

    He is using his office (or possibly an agent) in Casablanca I believe. He says Excelia will ignore everything now short of an actual court summons, so just the threat of a summons is not nough. Anyway, he was brought to my attention by Barry the Builder (on this thread), as he is an international property lawyer he has used before. The lawyer claioms to have recovered deposits from this development for 4 or 5 other buyers already.

    We have had to take him on trust. Not yet heard back on progress, but it has not been very long. As I am a junior member I am not allowed to post emails or tel nos apparently, so if you want details of the lawyer either send me your email address or contact Barry the Builder.

  13. hookersjn

    hookersjn New Member

    Recovering Atlas Golf Deposits

    Hi all

    I haven't been on here for quite some time and was interested to read these threads. Can I ask, how are you getting on with recovering your deposits on Atlas Golf?

  14. OverseasPropInves

    OverseasPropInves New Member

    Hi Barry

    We are still trying to recover our deposit and first installation for this development. Any chance you still have the details for your lawyer?

    Also, do you know of who to contact regarding the contract for this? Is it Excelia ?

    Is there any chance that the developers an pursue us in a Moroccon court if we did not complete? We did not receive the cancellation contract despite our efforts but did write several letters and emails about telling them of our intent to cancel the contract.

    I hope you can help


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