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  1. mmareferee

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    Hi my name is Grant Waterman. I was a victim of the Aston Lloyd Central 22 property fraud.
    1 - has anyone obtained any money back?
    2 - is anyone still pursuing this?
    3 - if anyone has an address for Joseph Upchurch, please share.
    4 - any advice and information here will not go unrewarded

    please gmail me at GRANTWATERMAN7

    I have contacts all over the world and am now in a position to 'discuss' this with the people responsible as the Police seem uninterested.

  2. jmcgreevy

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  3. jmcgreevy

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    Hi Grant

    I also invested in this project and have lost a lot of money. Myself and other investors are using a legal team of experts to seek compensation for this failed investment. They work a No Win No Fee basis ao you have nothing to lose .If you want to get involved send me your details and i will explain how they can acheive this.

  4. Malcolm Oliver

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    Hi James
    I've just come across this forum,. i am also a victim of the aston scam. Please can you tell me if you've had any luck?

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