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Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by Salander52, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. Salander52

    Salander52 New Member

    Hi all

    Could anyone with any news about the latest situation with Fadesa (Excelia) let me know please? I am visiting Saidia on Thursday Oct 11th with a view to retrieving my deposit. I am also willing to discuss any issues you may have on your behalf if you wish or obtain contact details for you to do so yourselves.
  2. Krimo1

    Krimo1 New Member

    I am in the same situation
    I would like to hear your feedback since your last visit
    Any news on magnum?
  3. smediterrania

    smediterrania New Member

    Victims of ADDOHA/Excelia//GFM/Fadesa, a demonstration is planned in January 2013 at the ADDOHA office in Paris. You will find all the details of this event at the following address: http:**//www** . Made the message to your friends. There will be victims who buy in Saidia, Marrakech or Tanger. We will be supported by media: Yabiladi, Al Jazeera, BFM, the daily Le Parisien, Atlantic Radio and Radio Orient.
    This is the time to express your anger. join us

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