Assistance for Saidia



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Hi all

Could anyone with any news about the latest situation with Fadesa (Excelia) let me know please? I am visiting Saidia on Thursday Oct 11th with a view to retrieving my deposit. I am also willing to discuss any issues you may have on your behalf if you wish or obtain contact details for you to do so yourselves.


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I am in the same situation
I would like to hear your feedback since your last visit
Any news on magnum?


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Victims of ADDOHA/Excelia//GFM/Fadesa, a demonstration is planned in January 2013 at the ADDOHA office in Paris. You will find all the details of this event at the following address: http:**//www** . Made the message to your friends. There will be victims who buy in Saidia, Marrakech or Tanger. We will be supported by media: Yabiladi, Al Jazeera, BFM, the daily Le Parisien, Atlantic Radio and Radio Orient.
This is the time to express your anger. join us