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Assessment of JLT / Al Reem (AD) portolfio

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by Allright, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. Allright

    Allright New Member

    Dear Forum members,

    I would be grateful for a dispassionate assessment of my property portfolio. Please find it below:

    1 Office in JLT in Mazaya Business Avenue @ 1500 AED/Sqft. Paid 30%, with 20% end of 2009 and 50% on final completion (mid to end 2010).

    1 Office in JLT in Mazaya Business Avenue bought @ 915 AED/Sqft - no mortgage. Remaining 30% out of which 20% percent is on completion.

    Apparently , one of the few offices with a freezone license (I dont know how significant or true this is) and they are on the 10-15th floor now I think and being constructed aggressively.

    1 one bedroom apt in V3 Tower in JLT @ 1,200 AED/Sqft. 50% paid in cash while the remaining bank mortgage over 25 years. Handover should be this April-May. S

    1 two bedroom apt in Oceanscape in Al Reem in Abu Dhabi @ 1,130. 100% financed by bank and no payment till completion. Yes, it is Damac, but it is a prime plot on Reem in Shams Abu Dhabi and eventually someone will build it. I dont have to pay anything till completion (Bank is paying now)

    I am willing to hold 5-10 years on the above.

    Many thanks

  2. PropGuy

    PropGuy New Member

    Looks ok to me for long-term investment. But be careful with DAMAC.
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