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Asmaran, Bawadi

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by memo123, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. memo123

    memo123 Member

    Dear all
    i have read plenty of articles about how this city will look like , size , magnitude , potential , but have no clue about what projects, new launches , old launches , the whole nine yards
    so if any one has got any information of substance , with project names, developers names , how to invest there without being in Dubai , considering that it is Emmar that is developing the place with tatweer
    so if any one from emmar or tatweer or you are an agent please can you shed some light other than what is written in the media
    i want to invest there and want to know how?
  2. memo123

    memo123 Member

    Hello again
    there is a whole long strip of buildings and hotels being built right on the shore line in the back of palm jebel ali
    and already zoned into A,B,S,D
    the problem is we only hear about it when the projects are totally sold
    can some one here again shed some lights on this area, it is supposed to be three rows beach front 7 story then the 2nd is higher the 3rd lane is much higher
    the question is why is it all hush, hush, why don't we know about it prelaunch or even launch
    if any have any news info and prices, names , projects and developer please
    provide me with all
  3. Doctor Robert

    Doctor Robert New Member

    Asmaran - Rumors? Fact?


    I have been hearing rumors regarding Asmaran @ Bawadi.
    It would seem that their 1st 2 launches (both for Teema) went really well, and they are all pumped / ready for another one.

    Details as to the next launch are still quite sketchy, but I understand we might hear about something soon enough.

    pm me if you have any specific questions, but I will try to get more information to share with you guys.
  4. really_true

    really_true New Member

    sorry cant pm u but what are the prices etc on asmaran bawadi
  5. memo123

    memo123 Member

    Me too cant Pm u either
    but can u shed soma light on location , prices, potential up value and most importantly next launch
  6. Doctor Robert

    Doctor Robert New Member

    asmaran queries

    hello again,

    Forgive the short message but i am answering from my phone and its not that easy to type.
    Prices are not announced until the day of the launch. Though if ayone knows them, please do share!
    now i know there is something coming soon, but what it is im not really sure.
    It seems there are a few things to watch out for these days: asmaran, badrah, waterfront and another million projects.
    Though to tell you the truth, my heart (and wallet) like emaar and nakheel above all the others.
    They have the best track record, and their pockets go deep, which means continuous new insane projects the likes of which have placed dubai on the world map.

    Teema and badrah: both were succesfull for both the developers and private investors (me!)
    badrah's next launch seems to already be sold out. Asmaran's next launch is coming up, and it looks like its going to be an interesting one. They have been quiet since their teema launch and one can only assume something big is coming our way.

    If anyone knows anything more, please share your thoughts.

    I also am going to start a "rumors" thread mainly for asmaran and nakheel, s lets see what comes out of that.

  7. Doctor Robert

    Doctor Robert New Member

    i guess my post wasnt so short after all!
  8. memo123

    memo123 Member

    if you hear anything about Asmaran please keep us posted
    although I think it is if no use to the people who live outside the UAE .
    we will have to end up buying it second market . I dont know about Emmar policy , is it like Nakheel?
  9. stylinexpat

    stylinexpat New Member

    Desert Dream Real Estate-Home has some new launches at around 2300 per square foot on the third row back. Their tower will be around 50 stories high I believe.. Any comments or thoughts. Jebel Ali Waterfront in front of Palm Jebel Ali..
  10. Doctor Robert

    Doctor Robert New Member

    Jebel Ali has always been a question mark. some people swear by it, while others prefer to watch what happens.

    Honestly, if you have the cash, i say go for it, and hold onto it for a (long) while!

    As for Asmaran, I am sorely tempted to find out what is happening, as it has been kind to me so far! Teema was fantastic, and Maysan is finally picking up. Probably thanks to Cityscape.

    Now that will be an interesting 3 days. Cityscape will define the entire real estate market here.

    Personally, I am confident that things will pick up...and...make up for this summer.

  11. Harvey

    Harvey New Member

    dubai waterfront units available from 2000 AED (G+20) 2ND LINE.

    this will be a truely amazing area when completed
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