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Arranging Inspection Tours

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by propertastic, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. propertastic

    propertastic New Member

    I imagine that most sales agents here sell properties from more than one developer.

    If I was considering purchasing overseas, I would definitely want to go out on an inspection trip to check what I was thinking of buying before signing on the dotted line. And I wouldn't want to just check out one property - I'd want to check out several.

    Developers, however, are obviously not going to be too charitable when it comes to showing potential purchasers around competitors' projects.

    So how do you sales agents get around this problem when arranging inspection tours for clients who want to see a variety properties from different developers?
  2. DC

    DC Member

    Simply they sign more than one developers products and show various products
  3. dave99

    dave99 New Member

    Very interesting - but not very realistic sometimes

    Very interesting - but not very realistic sometimes

    As a developer in Hurghada Red Sea Egypt, acting as my own sales & marketing I have also started to consider being an "agent" for other developments however this brings me into a potential conflict since there is an assumption that I will sell my own apartments as first choice - "as if" !!!

    So how do agents decide which developments to be proactive about and which to only make known if they "have to".

  4. propertastic

    propertastic New Member

    The level of commission obviously plays a part.

    While we were doing the rounds in Hurghada we were offered an amazing array of different sales commission - ranging from 1% to 12%! I am sure that everyone tries to sell the properties with the highest commissions first.

    I am not mentioning any names, but I have noticed that developments offering really good commission to agents sell a lot faster than those with modest commissions even when they are excellent value developments for the public.
  5. Janoulaki

    Janoulaki New Member

    This should be looked at

    actually it is increasing the prices and buyers are paying too much.

    This world would be ideal if we all buy from developer directly.

    The agents who are selling the most might not be necessarily motivated by commission only.
  6. dave99

    dave99 New Member

    Why do developers need an Agent anyway

    Why do developers need an Agent anyway.

    I think that my development is a little less expensive than most but it's difficult to tell until you take account of everything thats included or not.
    One factor in that is that I am not paying commission to anyone, but there is still a cost to selling which has to be covered.

    If the demand was higher than supply then theoretically we could sell at a lower cost because buyers would be asking to buy and we would have no advertising costs etc. But we all know that just means more profit for the developer, since the "market" will set it's own top price regardless of the actual cost.

  7. propertastic

    propertastic New Member

    But this is how all businesses work though - not just the property business.

    Why do we pay Gillette a quid a piece now for a disposable razor blade when the tiny slivers of steel and plastic must surely cost a lot less than 10p to produce? The other 90% is mainly retail and wholesale margins plus advertising costs.

    If developers did their own sales and marketing, the savings would not be that great to the end-buyer because the developer would still need to spend money on advertising and sales commission to their own employees.
  8. Ivelin

    Ivelin New Member

    As a real estate agency, we work with many developers, and we show you all many different development, you can make a list with "+" and "-" for each one and than make your decision.
    I have never showed only one developers property,
  9. QCStone

    QCStone New Member

    I would advise making as many inspection trips as you can. Sometimes you're best travelling on your own to these places...
  10. QCStone

    QCStone New Member

    Perhaps even arrange to meet the agents once there but pay for your own flight so you can stay on longer and meet other selling agents?
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