Are you looking for a fixed term, fixed rate of return investment?

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    This is an extremely exciting product offering you the investor the chance to invest in land plots on Santiago Island (Cape Verde). The beauty of this investment is that you do not complete on the plot purchase, you just receive a fabulous rate of return as all of the plots come with a guaranteed buy back from the developer. This opportunity may also be an allowable investment within a SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension plan) depending on the SIPP provider. Independent Financial advice should be sought. If this is your preferred method one of our in-house advisors can discuss this option with you.

    How Much Can I Invest?

    Each contract is a fixed purchase price of £25,000.

    What Returns Are Available?

    All investment places have now been taken. Please register your interest now ahead of the next phase release.

    What Is The Risk Factor?

    Your monies are deposited into a UK client account with the Yorkshire Bank. All monies within the account are protected by the contract. Investors will receive a UK contract confirming the returns applicable to their investment term plus each month, the development company will produce a statement on request showing the notional accrued interest being paid on your personal investment monies.

    Are There Any Other Costs?

    Just two; an administration fee of £175 at the beginning of the investment term and another administration fee at the end of the investment term of £375 which are both payable to the development company.

    Exit Possibilities

    There is an option for early release but the investment plan is designed for a fixed term. The early release fee is £750 plus the value of the return is discounted by 15% to facilitate the time taken to find a new investor.

    How Do I Invest?

    £1000 is payable to reserve an investment with a simple application form to be completed accompanied by a passport or driving licence photocopy for money laundering purposes. After this, you must ensure the balance payment to start the investment of £24,000 is received into the development company’s segregated client account on or before the end of the month in order to maximise your return.
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    Plse advsie the return on vestment on this?...I am more ofa Short Term Investor...
  3. Returns

    We have 4 maturity dates;

    1) 1st Dec 2009 offering a return of 27.2%. Investment amount required £24,000

    2) 1st Sep 2010 offering a return of 42.4%. Investment amount required £24,000

    3) 1st May 2011 offering a return of 48.62%. Investment amount required £25,000

    4) 1st May 2010 offering a return of 25.3%. Investment amount required £25,000

    The down side.....these investment products are only available until the 30th June so you have 6 days to get on board.

    Can I email you further details this afternoon?

    Investment - £25,000

    Admin Fee at Investment start - £175

    Admin Fee at Maturity of Investment - £375

    Investment Maturity Date - 1st May 2011 (35 months)

    Fixed Rate Return - 48.62%

    Return to you at Maturity -£37,155

    Net Return to you at Maturity - £36,780

    Santiago Option 2

    Investment - £25,000

    Admin Fee at Investment start - £175

    Admin Fee at Maturity of Investment - £375

    Investment Maturity Date - 1st May 2010 (23 months)

    Fixed Rate Return - 25.3%

    Return to you at Maturity -£31,325

    Net Return to you at Maturity - £30,950
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    Please disregard the details at the bottom of my reply, I was just copying and pasting them from a standard email we send to interested investors.
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    Can I get more info on this? assadjamil at hotmail dot com
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    please send me more info to assadjamil at hotmail dot com. thank you
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    plse send me more informationon this investment. Plus how are we safeguarded on same..Plse PM me..
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    please pm me more details on this investment proposal..
  9. Fixed Rate Fixed Return Investment

    Hi There,

    I emailed you at 10:35, did you receive the email ok?

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    Complements to all

    guys recently i have bought the property in india while i was in united kingdom through a online retailer it was really good experience is any one of you ever have bought property like this?
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    Rate Increasing Property

    Hi all'

    I want to ask from you guys that you have any idea about the property in other countries which are ideal for investments means to say that the rate of property got doubles in less time than please share it with me


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