Are you expanding your UK property portfolio?



In light of the recent concerns regarding Brexit, which look as though they could last for some time to come, it would be interesting to learn which investors are expanding their UK property portfolio, maintaining it or reducing it.

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I broker property so can only give you an outlook of what I'm seeing happening.
In pretty general terms, everyone held back Oct-Dec last year, and I have seen a pretty strong number of investors again recently.

Some are people just frustrated with waiting for Brexit, but most investors I am seeing are the higher net worth driving some decent bargains.

Particularly on off-plan properties coming up to completion, developers/underwriters are twitchy. I'm seeing investors with the pockets to buy multiple units in a development getting 10-15% discounts and in two cases developers allowing the property to go at a loss to clear the remaining units.

I am seeing most smaller investors holding fire, next largest group buying but only specific types of property, and less reducing their portfolio (although I'm equally less likely to speak to these people).
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Talking to people I know in the property investment industry it looks to me as though the “clever investors” are picking up bargains with a long-term investment horizon. As has been mentioned on this site time and time again, immigration to the UK will not fall off a cliff after Brexit no matter what happens. The UK population will continue to grow as will the economy in the medium to long term, even if there are short term issues.


There is also caution in the UK regarding property prices and, when looking overseas, UK investors are 20% off with dollar and euro denominated property investments. However, there must be some very interesting opportunities for those looking more towards the long term?