Are solar panels efficient?

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The idea of installing solar panels will have crossed the minds of millions of people around the world but are they really efficient? In the early days there is no doubt they were not as efficient as they should have been although the situation is beginning to change. Have you installed solar panels on your property? Do you find them offering value for money?

There is also the question of whether solar panels are viable without government grants?


The newest generation of PV panels is more efficient than ever and the prices have come down so much that even without any government grants you can recoup your costs in a few years. for people who are in their last few years of working it makes a lot of sense to have PV panels installed so that once they are relying on a pension having no or very very low electricity bills will make a huge difference to their comfort in retirement .
We have had PV panels installed and have changed to all electric heating. The best thing we ever did.